Investigating the Association between Sociodemographic Factors and Lung Cancer Risk using Cyber Informatics

Yoon, Hong-Jun ;   Tourassi, Georgia

Tags Statistical data analysiseHealthBig Data analytics

Openly available online sources can be very valuable for executing in silico case-control epidemiological studies. Adjustment of confounding…

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Poverty and the Emergence of Tuberculosis: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach

Badmus, Oluyemi Funlola ;   Camorlinga, Sergio ;   Simpson, Orlando Kareem

Tags Epidemiological modelingComputational modeling and simulations in biology, physiology and medicineHealthcare modeling and simulation

Tuberculosis has been observed to thrive in conditions of poverty and there has been a long history of documented linkage between…

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Predicting Lung Cancer Incidence from Air Pollution Exposures using Shapelet-Based Time Series Analysis

Yoon, Hong-Jun ;   Xu, Songhua ;   Tourassi, Georgia

Tags Health risk evaluation and modelingData miningKnowledge modeling

In this paper we investigated whether the geographical variation of lung cancer incidence can be predicted through examining the…

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