A 60 mV-3 V Input Range Boost Converter with Amplitude-Regulated and Intermittently Operating Oscillator for Energy Harvesting

Hong Gao ;   Hiroyuki Nakamoto ;   Hiroshi Yamazaki ;   Masafumi Kondou

Tags Energy harvesting boost converter oscillator wide input range amplitude regulation ultra-low input voltage

A boost converter that has a wide input-voltage range is presented. The wide range is achieved by an oscillator that can start operations…

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A High Voltage Split Source Voltage Multiplier with Increased Output Voltage

Liran Katzir ;   Doron Shmilovitz

Tags High voltage Voltage multiplier

Building on the Half-Wave Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier a new topology is proposed that consists of multiple sections fed separately at…

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A Simple Approach to Current THD Prediction for Small-Scale Grid-Connected Inverters

Bo Cao ;   Liuchen Chang ;   Riming Shao

Tags THD double Fourier series Grid-Connected Inverters

A method that the current harmonic distortion is predicted by deducting the high frequency harmonic component from the total harmonic…

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Alternating Current Welding using Four Quadrant Switches

A. Navarro-Crespin ;   Rosario Casanueva ;   Francisco J. Azcondo

Tags AC welding Four Quadrant Switch Resonant Converters Syncronous Rectification

Welding metals such as aluminum and magnesium requires AC current. This work proposes a novel control strategy for a high-frequency…

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An Accurate Back to Front Design Methodology for PT based Load Resonant Converters

Yujia Yang ;   Matthias Radecker ;   Klaus-Dieter Lang ;   Wolf-Joachim Fischer

Tags Piezo-transformer Load resonant converter Static design Parameter Optimization

In this work a standard design methodology with high accuracy and suitable for different PT (Piezoelectric-Transformer) based load resonant…

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An Energy Channelling LED Driver Technology to Achieve Flicker-Free Operation with True Single Stage Power Factor Correction

Peng Fang ;   Zhi Yuan Hu ;   Yan-Fei Liu

Tags LED driver single stage power conversion flicker free LED driving high power factor

A single-stage LED driver usually produces a significant twice line frequency ripple current when a high power factor is achieved. The ripple…

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Biologically Inspired Coupling Pixilation for Position Independence in Capacitive Power Transfer Surfaces

Jiejian Dai ;   Daniel C. Ludois

Tags Capacitive power transfer (CPT) Coupling factor Wireless charging

A common problem of wireless/contactless power transfer is that the coupling factor is position dependent. For both inductive and capacitive…

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Design Considerations of LLC Resonant Converter for Contactless Laptop Charger

Cong Zheng ;   Baifeng Chen ;   Lanhua Zhang ;   Rui Chen ;   Jih-Sheng Lai

Tags Contactless Power Transfer LLC Resonant Converter Loosely Coupled Transformer

In this paper, a contactless charging system for laptop battery is proposed. The system consists of three parts: a high frequency power…

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Energy Bus-based Equalization Scheme with Bi-directional Isolated Cuk Equalizer for Series Connected Battery Strings

Rui Ling ;   Qiang Dan ;   Lizhi Wang ;   Dongxue Li

Tags bi-directional isolated Cuk converter battery equalization energy bus

A bi-directional isolated Cuk equalizer for the energy bus-based equalization network is presented in this paper. The battery side is isolated…

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Fault Tolerable Li-Ion Battery Stack

Guangyuan Liu ;   Keyan Shi ;   Wenping Zhang ;   Dehong Xu

Tags li-ion battery stack fault tolerable cell state sensing

Since Li-ion batteries are embedded in many systems such as EV, airplane, ships, IDC etc., Li-ion battery stack is critical to safety and…

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High Power Factor Dimmable Self-Oscillating Electronic Ballast with Variable Inductor Control

M.F. Menke ;   M.F. da Silva ;   A.R. Seidel ;   M.S. Perdig√£o ;   J.M. Alonso

Tags Variable Inductor Ballast Lighting Converter

This paper presents a high power factor dimmable self-oscillating electronic ballast, where a variable inductor is used to control the…

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Improvement of Waveform for High Frequency AC-Linked Matrix Converter with SVM based on Virtual Indirect Control

Kazuhiro Koiwa ;   Jun-Ichi Itoh ;   Masashi Shioda

Tags High frequency AC-linked matrix converter Dead-time compensation SVM

This paper proposes a dead-time compensation for a secondary circuit of high frequency AC-linked matrix converter with a SVM. In order to…

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Improving the Cross Regulation of Multi-Output SRC by Adding the Magnetic Fence and Capacitance Compensation

Yanpeng Qiao ;   Feng Zheng ;   Yu Zhang ;   Gengzhai Peng ;   Yuchen Xie ;   Depeng Bai

Tags Multi-output Converter Cross Regultion Eddy Current Demagnetization Compensition

In this paper, a novel method for improving the cross regulation characteristics in multi-output series resonant converter (SRC) is proposed….

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Maximum Efficiency Control of Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonant Coupling Considering Dynamics of DC-DC Converter for Moving Electric Vehicles

Katsuhiro Hata ;   Takehiro Imura ;   Yoichi Hori

Tags Wireless Power Transfer Magnetic Resonant Coupling DC-DC Converter Feedback Controller Design

This paper proposes a design method of secondary voltage control with feedback controller based on a novel DC-DC converter model and the…

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Quad-Switch Push-Pull (QSPP) RF Amplifier with Direct, Simultaneous Modulation of Phase and Pulse-Position for Spread Spectrum Power Applications

Al-Thaddeus Avestruz ;   Arthur H. Chang ;   Steven B. Leeb

Tags EMI EMC Spread Spectrum Inverter Wireless Power Transfer RF Amplifier Inverse Class D Phase Modulation Pulse Position Modulation GaN

We present a new RF power amplifier for spread spectrum applications, especially wireless power transfer with low electromagnetic interference…

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Resonant Inverter Design for Stand-Alone Dynamic Active Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Aaron Stein ;   Heath Hofmann

Tags Energy Harvesting Piezoelectric Devices AC-DC Conversion

Piezoelectric energy harvesters generate electrical power from ambient mechanical vibrations. Typically these devices are inserted into high-Q…

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Three Dimensional Integration of Electromagnetic Interference Filter

Yu Zhang ;   Feng Zheng ;   Yuchen Xie ;   Yanpeng Qiao ;   Gengzhai Peng

Tags EMI three dimensional planar structure

In this paper, a novel three dimensional integration of EMI filter is presented. Planar structure is adopted in this EMI filter design, including…

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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging via Capacitive Power Transfer through a Conformal Bumper

Jiejian Dai ;   Daniel C. Ludois

Tags Capacitive power transfer (CPT) Wireless power transfer (WPT) coupling capacitor soft switching control

Wireless power transfer (WPT) is emerging as a practical means for electric vehicle (EV) charging. Of the three main approaches to WPT,…

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