A Direct Voltage Unbalance Compensation Strategy for Islanded Microgrids

Xin Zhao ;   Xiaohua Wu ;   Lexuan Meng ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Juan C. Vasquez

Tags Microgrids Voltage unbalance compensation Virtual impedance Droop control.

In this paper, a control strategy with low bandwidth communications for paralleled three-phase inverters is proposed to achieve satisfactory…

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A Novel Phase Control of Semi Bridgeless Active Rectifier for Wireless Power Transfer Applications

Erdem Asa ;   Kerim Colak ;   Mariusz Bojarski ;   Dariusz Czarkowski

Tags pickup circuit phase-shift receiver control resonant converter semi bridgeless active rectifier wireless energy

A novel phase control of a semi-bridgeless active rectifier (S-BAR) is investigated in order to utilize the S-BAR in wireless energy transfer…

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A Strategy for Balancing Switching Losses of FB-PSZVS DC-DC Converters in Pulse and Sinusoidal Ripple Current Charging Applications

Yong-Duk Lee ;   Shawn Maxwell ;   Sung-Yeul Park

Tags FB-PS-ZVS DC-DC Converters switching losses thermal control

In this paper, a control scheme that balances the switching losses in the full bridge phase shift zero voltage switching DC-DC converter…

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An Integrated High Efficiency Ultra-Low Power Single Chip DC/AC Inverter for Driving Liquid Crystal Electro-Optic Lenses

Xiaomin Li ;   Alex Huang

Tags Reconfigurable charge pumps series-parallel topology full bridge inverter liquid crystal driver power management integrated circuits

An integrated high efficiency, ultra-low power liquid crystal driver for electro-optic diffractive lenses is presented in this paper. The…

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Design and Experimental Verification of High Boost Energy Recycle Converter for the Energy Conservation in the Development Process of Power Module

Yun-Sung Kim ;   Gwi-Chul Park ;   Jung-Hoon Ahn ;   Byoung-Kuk Lee

Tags Energy recycle High boost Telecommunication power

In this manuscript, the energy recycle converter (ERC) is proposed for recycling the electric power wasted in the development process of…

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DSP based Control and Soft Switched Mode Power Conversion Realizes Smart and Portable N-Channel RF Generator for Surgical Ablation

Salman Talebi ;   Jamie Evans ;   Ronald Beebe ;   Thomas Hartranft ;   David Eckerson ;   Stephen McSoley


This paper presents the design and implementation of digital control and resonant switched mode power conversion for realization of n-channel…

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High-Performance Control of Paralleled Three-Phase Inverters for Residential Microgrid Architectures based on Online Uninterruptable Power Systems

Chi Zhang ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Juan C. Vasquez ;   Ernane A. Coelho ;   Carsten Seniger

Tags Paralleled three phase inverters online UPS system

In this paper, a control strategy for the parallel operation of three-phase inverters forming an uninterruptible power system (UPS) is…

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ITER VS Converter Control for Circulation Current and Commutation Failure

Hyunsik Jo ;   Hanju Cha

Tags ITER VS converter Phase Controlled Rectifier RTDS

In this paper, analysis and experiment of ITER VS converters control are investigated. ITER VS converter supplies voltage (±1000V) and…

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Laminated Busbar Design and Stray Parameter Analysis of Three-Level Converter based on HVIGBT Series Connection

Hualong Yu ;   Zhengming Zhao ;   Ting Lu ;   Liqiang Yuan ;   Shiqi Ji

Tags high-power converter 3-level IGBT series busbar stray parameter

Large stray inductance has a critical effect during the device transient process and may cause device damage and failure. Therefore, the…

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New PWM Technique for Three-to-Five Phase Matrix Converter with High Efficiency and Low THD

Mahmoud A. Sayed ;   Takaharu Takeshita ;   Atif Iqbal

Tags Multiphase drives matrix converter Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

This paper presents a new PWM technique for controlling a three-to-five phase matrix converter in order to reduce switching losses and…

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Realizing an Integrated System for Residential Energy Harvesting and Management

Yuzhi Zhang ;   Janviere Umuhoza ;   Haoyan Liu ;   Fahad Hossain ;   Chris Farnell ;   H. Alan Mantooth

Tags Residential Power Router Power Flow and Management Time-of-use Pricing

The development of an integrated system for residential energy harvesting and management was presented in this paper. The hardware…

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The Influence of DC-Link Voltage Control on the Performance of Active Power Filter

Yu Wang ;   Yunxiang Xie ;   Xiang Liu

Tags Active power filter DC-link voltage Compensation performance variable parameter controller

In this paper, the inherent influence of DC-link voltage controller on the performance of three-phase four-wire shunt active power filter…

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Two-Stage Power Supply based on Double Resonant Tank LLC-DCX for Magnetic Levitation Control System Applications

Hongbo Ma ;   Wenjun Liu ;   Jianfei Wang ;   Cong Zheng ;   Guotao Lu

Tags LLC-DCX Double resonant tanks multiple-out suspension control power supply

In order to solve limits of traditional suspension control power supply, a novel two-stage solution employing the double resonant tank llc-dcx…

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Used-Battery Management with Integrated Battery Building Block System

Ye Li ;   Yehui Han

Tags Used Batteries Battery Management Battery Building Block Distributed Power Electronics Integration

This paper utilizes the integrated building block system to manage a battery pack made up of retired battery cells from transportation…

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