A Bidirectional Series Resonant Matrix Converter Topology for Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging

José Juan Sandoval ;   Somasundaram Essakiappan ;   Prasad Enjeti

Tags matrix converter series resonant tank electric vehicle V2G zero voltage switching DC fast charging

A series resonant matrix converter (MC) based topology for high power electric vehicle (EV) battery charging is presented. The system…

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A Constant Resistance Analysis and Control of Cascaded Buck and Boost Converter for Wireless EV Chargers

Kerim Colak ;   Mariusz Bojarski ;   Erdem Asa ;   Dariusz Czarkowski

Tags Buck boost cascaded constant control EV charger resistance wireless

This paper presents a new constant resistance control technique for a cascaded buck and boost converter, which is suitable for wireless…

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A High Frequency, High Efficiency GaN HFET based Inductive Power Transfer System

Aaron Cai ;   Aaron Pereira ;   Robin Tanzania ;   Yen Kheng Tan ;   Liter Siek

Tags GaN Gallium Nitride Power electronics Inductive Power Transfer Electric Vehicles GaN driving

This paper will develop an efficiency centric Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) system targeting at Electric Vehicles (EV). This paper introduces…

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A Hybrid Converter for Energy Management of EV Drives

Teng Hu ;   Lie Xu ;   Lin Qiu ;   Yongdong Li ;   Xuejun Han

Tags hybrid electrical vehicle cascaded H-bridge matrix converter energy management system medium frequency transfomer

This paper proposed a novel hybrid power converter topology based on cascaded H-bridge (CHB) and matrix converter (MC) in order to…

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A Novel Digital Peak-Current-Mode Self-Sustained Oscillating Control (PCM-SSOC) Technique for a Dual-Active Bridge DC/DC Converter

Majid Pahlevani ;   Alireza Bakhshai ;   Praveen Jain

Tags Dual Active Bridge DC-DC converter Peak Current Mode Control Digital Control

This paper presents a peak-current mode self-sustained oscillating control (SSOC) technique for a Dual-Active Bridge (DAB) DC/DC converter….

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A Partial Power Processing of Battery/Ultra-Capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles

Mohamed O. Badawy ;   Yilmaz Sozer

Tags Energy Storage Systems Ultra Capacitors

A new hybrid energy storage system (HESS) is proposed in this paper based on partial power processing concept. Unlike the conventional…

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A Study of the Self-Coupling Magnetic Resonance Coupled Wireless Power Transfer

Liqing Tong ;   Hulong Zeng ;   Fangzheng Peng

Tags coupled magnetic resonance WPT master-slave self-coupling

It is shown that the efficiency and usable frequency for the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) is significant in magnetic resonance…

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Application of Bi-Directional Z-Source in UltraCapacitor-Battery Hybrid Energy Storage System for EV

Zipeng Liang ;   Sideng Hu ;   Yuan Liu ;   Wuhua Li ;   Xiangning He

Tags Z-SourceHESS EV

In this paper, a new battery/ultracapacitor(UCs) hybrid energy storage system (HESS) based on bi-directional Z-Source converter is proposed…

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Design and Performance Evaluation of a Digitally Controlled 1 kW Three-Phase Interleaved ZVS Converter for Plug-in EV and HEV Battery Charger

Matteo Sucameli

Tags digital controlled three-phase electric vehicle

This paper describes the development of a three-phase interleaved soft-switched dc-dc converter suitable for plug-in battery chargers in…

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Drive and Protection Methods for Very High Current Lateral GaN Power Transistors

John Roberts ;   Greg Klowak ;   Di Chen ;   Ahmad Mizan

Tags High Current Lateral GaN Power Transistors

This paper shows that it is possible for lateral GaN power transistors to provide very high current switching capability if the device…

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Hybrid Sinusoidal-Pulse Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery in Electric Vehicle Application

Sideng Hu ;   Xiamgming Wang ;   Ruichi Wang ;   Jiande Wu ;   Xiangning He

Tags on- board charger electrical vehicle sinusoidal ripple charging

This paper proposed a hybrid sinusoidal-pulse current charging strategy (HSPC) for Li-ion battery in electric vehicle application. Phase…

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Implementation and Validation of DQ Current Control of a Bidirectional SiC Single-Phase AC-DC Converter

Arjun Raj Prabu Andhra Sridhar ;   Nathan Weise

Tags AC-DC power converters Electric Vehicles Matrix converters Power Conversion Smart Grid Bi-directional power flow DQ current control

Electric vehicles (EV) have the potential to revolutionize the transportation sector in the next decade. Electrical energy stored in the EV…

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Research on Uninterrupted Power Supply Technology for Auxiliary Winding of Electric Locomotive when Passing Neutral Section

Yuliang Du ;   Trillion Q. Zheng ;   Wang Ran ;   Ruixiang Hao ;   Xiaojie You ;   Youmei Liu

Tags electric locomotiveneutral sectionauxiliary systemuninterrupted power supplyovervoltageinrush current

Auxiliary systems of electric locomotives and EMUs mainly have two methods of taking power, from auxiliary windings of main transformer and…

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