A New Modified Inc-Cond MPPT Technique and its Testing in a Whole PV Simulator under PSC

Giovanni Cipriani ;   Vincenzo Di Dio ;   Fabio Genduso ;   Rosario Miceli ;   Diego La Cascia

Tags Photovoltaic Plants Maximum power Point Partial Shading

In this paper, a modified Inc-Cond MPPT technique able to lead PV plants to work in the real Maximum Power Point also under Partial Shading…

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Analysis of the Series-Connected Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking PV System

Cheng-Wei Chen ;   Yaow-Ming Chen

Tags DMPPT small-signal ac model cross-coupling Four-switch Buck-boost PV module

The output power of a string of photovoltaic (PV) panels reduce significantly under mismatch and shading effect. In order to optimal the…

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Control Strategies for Solar Panel Companion Inverters

Prasanth Kumar Sahu ;   Madhav Manjrekar

Tags solar panel companion inverters multilevel inverters solar panel inverters cascaded H- bridge inverters control strategies of multilevel inverters

Solar Panel Companion Inverter (SPCI), is proposed as an alternative approach offering the advantages of micro-inverters in realizing…

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Enhancement of the Extracted Maximum Power of PV Array During Partial Shading using Switched PV-based System

Ahmed Elserougi ;   M.S. Diab ;   Ayman Abdel-Khalik ;   Ahmed Massoud ;   Shehab Ahmed

Tags PV system Energy Harvesting Maximum power point

This paper proposes a switched PV approach to enhance the extracted maximum power from PV array during partial shading condition. For …

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Maximum Power Point Tracking of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Employing Model Predictive Control

Mohammad B. Shadmand ;   Mostafa Mosa ;   Robert S. Balog ;   Haitham Abu Rub

Tags maximum power point tracking model predictive control photovoltaic multilevel inverter

This paper presents a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) using model predictive control (MPC) for single phase grid connected photovoltaic…

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Prediction of Bond Wire Fatigue of IGBTs in a PV Inverter under Long-Term Operation

Paula Diaz Reigosa ;   Huai Wang ;   Yongheng Yang ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags bond wire fatigue IGBT Monte Carlo mission profile

Bond wire fatigue is one of the dominant failure mechanisms in IGBT modules. This digest proposes a Monte Carlo based analysis method to…

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