Closed-Loop Control on PMSG Torque in Direct-Drive Wind Power Generation System without Speed Sensor

Shuying Yang ;   Leilei Guo ;   Liuchen Chang ;   Xing Zhang ;   Zhen Xie

Tags speed sensorlessdouble-loop controlsecond order sliding mode observer stator flux

In this paper, a speed sensorless double-loop control method is researched for PMSG-based direct-drive wind power generation system in order…

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Controller Design for TCSC using Observed-State Feedback Method to Damp SSR in DFIG-based Wind Farms

Hossein Ali Mohammadpour ;   Jonathan Siegers ;   Enrico Santi

Tags wind farm SSR simulation DFIG

In this paper, sub-synchronous resonance damping in a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind farm using thyristor controlled series…

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Harmonic Compensation for Variable Speed DFIG Wind Turbines using Multiple Reference Frame Theory

Jia Li ;   Keith Corzine

Tags DFIG Harmonic Compensation Multiple Reference Frame d-q Decoupled Control

This paper proposes novel methods to compensate grid current harmonics by controlling the back-to-back converter of a dual-fed induction…

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Virtual Inductance Self-Demagnetization based LVRT Control Strategy for Doubly Fed WTs

Shuying Yang ;   Yin Chen ;   Liuchen Chang ;   Zhen Xie ;   Xing Zhang

Tags virtual inductanceself-demagnetizationlow-voltage ride-through (LVRT)doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)wind power generation

Following the analysis of the transient electromagnetic characteristics of DFIG on grid fault, a novel LVRT control strategy based on virtual…

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Virtual Synchronous Control of Grid-Connected DFIG-based Wind Turbines

Yangyang Zhao ;   Jianyun Chai ;   Xudong Sun

Tags DFIG Virtual Synchronous Generator Adaptive droop MPPT

This paper proposed a virtual synchronous control strategy for Doubly-Fed Induction Generator-based wind turbines. On the basis of the…

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