A Single-Stage Grid-Connected Flyback Inverter with Power Decoupling Function

Zhong Chen ;   Mengnan Li ;   Qunfang Wu ;   Yaming Xu

Tags single-stage grid-connected flyback inverter power decoupling peak current control

In this paper, a novel single-stage flyback inverter with power decoupling function is proposed. An auxiliary circuit responsible for dealing…

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Design of LLCL-Filter for Grid-Connected Converter to Improve Stability and Robustness

Min Huang ;   Xiongfei Wang ;   Poh Chiang Loh ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Filter design Stability Robustness LLCL-filter Grid converter

The LLCL-filter has recently emerged into grid-connected converters due to the improved filtering capability which ensuring a smaller physical…

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Evaluation and Testing of Voltage-Controlled Grid-Connected Inverter for High Penetration of Renewable Energy

Yawei Wang ;   Jinbin Zhao ;   Jianfeng Dai ;   Haixian Liu ;   Shuuichi Ushiki ;   Masaaki Ohshima

Tags voltage-controlled inverter high penetration power control power decoupling voltage regulation

In view of the fact that there are difficulties for traditional current-controlled grid-connected inverter in power decoupling and voltage…

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Impact Evaluation of Series DC Arc Faults in DC Microgrids

Xiu Yao ;   Luis Herrera ;   Jin Wang

Tags DC arc fault dc microgrid protection dc arc modeling

This paper evaluates possible impacts of series dc arc faults to dc microgrids. Series dc arc can happen at various locations of a dc…

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Multi-Agent-based Distributed State of Charge Balancing Control for Distributed Energy Storage Units in AC Microgrids

Chendan Li ;   Tomislav Dragicevic ;   Juan C. Vasquez ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Ernane A.A. Coelho

Tags multiagent AC microgrid distributed energy storage state of charge balance

A multiagent based distributed control algorithm has been proposed to achieve state of charge (SoC) balance of distributed energy storage…

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Operation Schemes of Interconnected DC Microgrids through an Isolated Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter

Moonhyun Lee ;   Wooin Choi ;   Hyejin Kim ;   Bo-Hyung Cho

Tags Interconnected DC Microgrid Operation Schemes DC bus signaling Bi-directional DC-DC Converter

This paper presents interconnection of DC microgrids at the low-voltage DC bus level through an isolated bi-directional DC-DC converter. The…

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