Advanced Power Cycling Test for Power Module with On-Line On-State VCE Measurement

Ui-Min Choi ;   Ionut Trintis ;   Frede Blaabjerg ;   Søren Jørgensen ;   Morten Liengaard Svarre

Tags Reliability Power cycling test lifetime model device test

Recent research has made an effort to improve the reliability of power electronic systems to comply with more stringent constraints on cost,…

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Nanosilver Preform Assisted Die Attach for High Temperature Applications

Sayan Seal ;   Michael D. Glover ;   H. Alan Mantooth

Tags Sintered silver nanoparticles die attach preform high temperature

In this paper, a technique has been explored in which preforms made of nanosilver particles have been fabricated and used for die…

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Tackling Reliability of Power Module

Weikun Jimmy He ;   Andras Vass-Varnai ;   John Wilson

Tags Thermal Power Packages Structure Reliability Failure Delamination Degradation Semiconductor TIM Thermal Interface Material

Structure function analysis made failure analysis on power module easier. Root cause of failure can be identified in minutes instead of days. …

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