750-kW Interleaved Buck Converter DC Supply Control Implementation in a Low-Cost FPGA

Yusi Liu ;   Chris Farnell ;   Shamim Ahmed ;   Juan Carlos Balda ;   H. Alan Mantooth

Tags FPGA Interleaved Buck Converter DC Supply

The digital control of a 750-kW dc supply that converts a 480-V three-phase ac input voltage to an adjustable dc output voltage which has…

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A Novel Synchronization Method Designed for Single-Phase Distorted Grid

Yong Lu ;   Guochun Xiao ;   Longfei Zang ;   Xuanlv Wu ;   Fengwen Chen

Tags Phase-locked loop Harmonics Quadrature signal generation Grid synchronization

Grid synchronization has always been a great challenge for single-phase gird-connected converters since only one signal is provided and it is…

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A Predictive Control Scheme for a Dual Output Indirect Matrix Converter

Ozan Gulbudak ;   Enrico Santi

Tags Indirect Matrix Converter FPGA Predictive Control Digital Control

Model Predictive Control (MPC) with a finite control set has been successfully applied to several power converter topologies and research on…

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A Predictive Nearest Level Control of Modular Multilevel Converter

Fei Zhang ;   Geza Joos

Tags predictive control nearest level control modular multilevel converter

In this paper, a new predictive nearest level control (PNLC) of modular multilevel converter (MMC) is proposed, which uses the predicted…

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A Simple DQ Current Controller for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters

Mohammad Ebrahimi ;   S. Ali Khajehoddin

Tags Single Phase Grid Connected Inverter DQ Frame Rotating Reference Frame Current Control Orthogonal Quantity Low Voltage Ride Through

This paper presents a simple method to generate the grid current orthogonal component for a DQ current controlled inverter. Proposed…

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Active Damping of LLCL-Filter Resonance based on LC-Trap Voltage and Capacitor Current Feedback

Min Huang ;   Xiongfei Wang ;   Poh Chiang Loh ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Resonant LLCL-filter grid-connected converter Capacitor current Capacitor circuit voltage

Active damping methods are investigated in this paper by using the concept of the equivalent virtual resistors with and without delay effect…

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Active Power Sharing in Input-Series-Input-Parallel Output-Series Connected DC/DC Converters

Yiqing Lian ;   G.P. Adam ;   D. Holliday ;   S.J. Finney

Tags Power Electronic DC/DC converter Control Wind Energy Conversion System

A high-capacity DC/DC converter with novel input-series-input-parallel output-series connection, and with autonomous power transfer between…

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Autonomous Hierarchical Control of DC Microgrids with Constant-Power Loads

Mahesh Srinivasan ;   Alexis Kwasinski

Tags droop control constant power load parallel operation dc dc buck converter dc microgrid

We present an autonomous control law to achieve current sharing and stability of parallel connected buck converters with a constant power…

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Control Strategy for Com-Leg in Single-Phase Transformerless Three-Leg Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Dapeng Lu ;   Guochun Xiao ;   Yong Lu ;   Fengwen Chen

Tags power qualityunified power quality conditioner common leg compensation performance

Single-phase three-leg Unified Power Quality Conditioner(UPQC) is relatively a good choice for power quality compensation in low-power…

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Cross-Coupling and Decoupling Techniques in the Current Control of Grid-Connected Voltage Source Converter

Sizhan Zhou ;   Jinjun Liu ;   Linyuan Zhou ;   Hongwei She

Tags cross-coupling decoupling technique complex transfer function

Cross-coupling issue of current control in dq frame will deteriorate the system performance especially for low PWM pulse-ratio applications….

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DC Symmetrical Component Method for Analysis and Control of Bipolar LVDC Grid

Yunjie Gu ;   Yongning Chi ;   Yan Li ;   Wei Sun ;   Wuhua Li ;   Xiangning He

Tags DC Symmetrical Component DC Distribution Power System Control

DC symmetrical component method is introduced for analysis and control of bipolar dc distribution systems under asymmetrical operation. This…

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Design-Oriented Stability Criteria of a v^2 Control Compensated with Inductor Current of a Boost Converter for Shipboard Power Systems

Jorge Cortés ;   Juan C. Jiménez ;   Sachi Jayasuriya ;   Pedro Alou ;   Chika O. Nwankpa ;   José A. Cobos

Tags Control Marine Boost stability robustness

This paper deals with remote control of power converters for marine applications where a boost converter is controlled with a v2 control…

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Dithered Multi-Bit Sigma-Delta Modulator based DPWM for DC-DC Converters

James Mooney ;   Mark Halton ;   Petar Iordanov ;   Vincent O’Brien

Tags Sigma-delta digital pulse width modulator idle tones DC-DC converters digital control

Multi-bit sigma-delta based digital pulse width modulators (DPWM) are used in the control of DC-DC converters in order to achieve high…

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Droop-Free Team-Oriented Control for AC Distribution Systems

Vahidreza Nasirian ;   Qobad Shafiee ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Frank L. Lewis ;   Ali Davoudi

Tags Microgrid Distributed Cooperative Control

A droop-free distributed framework is proposed that fine-tunes the voltage and frequency at each source to handle 1) Voltage regulation, 2)…

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Improving Light Load Efficiency in a Series Capacitor Buck Converter by Uneven Phase Interleaving

Pradeep S. Shenoy ;   Mike Amaro

Tags high frequency conversion dc-dc converter high conversion ratio high current switched capacitor buck converter series capacitor buck

This paper introduces a technique to improve light load efficiency in a two-phase, series capacitor (SC) buck converter. A unique aspect of…

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Modeling and Circulating Current Control of MMC

Luis Herrera ;   Xiu Yao ;   Jin Wang

Tags MMC Control Real Time Simulation EMTP

Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) offer several advantages over common three level inverters. For example, MMCs have lower switching…

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Multiphase Current Controlled Buck Converter with Energy Recycling Output Impedance Correction Circuit (OICC): Adaptive Voltage Positioning (AVP) and Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) Application

V. Švikovi? ;   J. Cortes ;   P. Alou ;   J.A. Oliver ;   O. García ;   J.A. Cobos

Tags Multiphase Buck Converter Output Impedance Correction Circuit OICCAdaptive Voltage Positioning AVP Dynamic Voltage Scaling DVS

Modern microprocessors impose strict specifications on Voltage Regulating Modules (VRMs) with advanced features such as Dynamic Voltage…

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Simultaneous PWM Control to Operate the Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge Converter under Soft Switching in the Whole Load Range

Jun Huang ;   Yue Wang ;   Zhuoqiang Li ;   Yongbin Jiang ;   Wanjun Lei

Tags Three-phase DAB ZVS Simultaneous PWM Modulation strategy

The three-phase dual active bridge (3p-DAB) topology has significant advantages for high power dc-dc conversion. Even so, it can’t be under…

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Small-Signal Modeling for Digital Predictive Current Mode Control in CCM

Siyu He ;   R.M. Nelms ;   John Y. Hung

Tags Small-signal model predictive current mode control

In this paper, a small-signal s-domain model for predictive current mode control is proposed. This small-signal model is applied to two different…

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Space Vector Modulation for Single-Phase Transformerless Three-Leg Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Yong Lu ;   Guochun Xiao ;   Xuanlv Wu ;   Dapeng Lu

Tags Power quality Unified power quality conditioner Space vector modulation Operation efficiency

Unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) is an ideal compensation device to improve power quality for sensitive end-users. In this paper, a…

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State-Feedback-with-PI Control for NPC Three-Level Inverter

Xin Liu ;   Xinchun Lin ;   Zhigang Liang ;   Yong Kang

Tags NPC State-space control State feedback discrete continuous

This paper discussed the discrepancy of two different ways to design state-space controller, one in continuous domain, the other in discrete…

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