3D FEA based Squirrel Cage Rotor Model for Design Tradeoffs and Performance Analysis

Ashfanoor Kabir ;   Rajib Mikail ;   Steven Englebretson ;   Iqbal Husain

Tags Induction Motor Rotor Model Transient FEA Current Density Distribution Design Trade-off Torque-slip Characteristics

Accurate rotor resistance estimation model of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor is developed in 3D FEA. Transient analysis was utilized for…

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A Comprehensive Analysis of Magnet Defect Faults in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Mohsen Zafarani ;   Taner Goktas ;   Bilal Akin

Tags Fault diagnosis Broken MagnetPM motors Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) is the process which identifies and averts any serious fault and is of…

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A Detailed Induction Machine Core Loss Model in the Arbitrary Reference Frame

Yiqi Liu ;   Ali M. Bazzi

Tags Induction Machine Model Core Loss qd0-frame

This digest proposes and validates a new core loss model in the arbitrary qd0-frame. Detailed analysis and mathematical derivation of the…

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A New Analytical EMC Model of Power Electronics Converters based on Quadripole System: Application to Demonstrate the Mode Decoupling Condition

A. Ales ;   JL. Schanen ;   J. Roudet ;   D. Moussaoui

Tags EMC Model identification

This paper proposes a new general method to model converters by a four-terminal circuit which consists in a ?-quadripole network containing…

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A New Modeling Approach for Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) in D-Q Frame

Vahid Najmi ;   M. Nawaf Nazir ;   Rolando Burgos

Tags Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) Average Modeling DQ Frame Modeling

Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) becomes an interesting topology especially for high voltage applications. Since, the Direct-Quadrature (D-Q)…

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A Novel Dynamic Modeling Method for Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Hongchang Li ;   Jie Li ;   Lang Huang ;   Kangping Wang ;   Xu Yang

Tags WPT Coupled Modes Dynamic Modeling

In this paper, a novel dynamic modeling method based on the concept of coupled modes is proposed for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems…

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A Novel Stability Analysis Approach based on Describing Function Method using for DC-DC Converters

Jianing Shang ;   Hong Li ;   Xiaojie You ;   Trillion Q. Zheng ;   Shiheng Wang

Tags DC-DC converter nonlinear modelling Describing function method Stability

In this paper, describing function method is firstly adopted in switching process modelling of DC-DC converters and further the new proposed…

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Advanced Controller Design for a Series-Series Compensated Inductive Power Transfer Charging Infrastructure using Asymmetrical Clamped Mode Control

Kunwar Aditya ;   Sheldon S. Williamson

Tags Batteries chargers inductive circuits power electronics vehicles

Wireless charging of electric vehicles require a significant air gap between the primary and secondary winding of an inductive power transfer…

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Combinational-Logic-based Traction Inverter Fault Diagnosis

Artur Ulatowski ;   Ali Bazzi

Tags Simple Logic Fault Diagnosis Vehicle Power Electronics

This digest presents a simple combination logic based approach for diagnosing faults which could occur in HEVs or EVs. System wide approach is…

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D-Q Impedance Specification for Balanced Three-Phase AC Distributed Power System

Bo Wen ;   Dushan Boroyevich ;   Rolando Burgos ;   Paolo Mattavelli ;   Zhiyu Shen

Tags distributed power system impedance small-signal stability

In a dc distributed power system, small-signal stability is studied using Nyquist stability criterion. Forbidden region for the polar plot of the…

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DQ Reference Frame Modeling and Control of Single-Phase Active Power Decoupling Circuits

Yi Tang ;   Zian Qin ;   Frede Blaabjerg ;   Poh Chiang Loh

Tags active power decoupling dq reference frame single-phase systems

Power decoupling circuits can compensate the inherent double line frequency ripple power in single-phase systems and greatly facilitate their…

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Fault Diagnostic Device for Photovoltaic Panels

Wenguan Wang ;   Alex Chun-For Liu ;   Henry Shu-Hung Chung ;   Ricky Wing-Hong Lau ;   Jun Zhang ;   Alan Wai-Lun Lo

Tags Photovoltaic Solar Panel Modeling Parametric Estimation Optimization Power Line Communication

A device for fault diagnosis of photovoltaic (PV) panels is presented. The proposed device utilizes the dynamic current-voltage…

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Generalized Small Signal Modeling of Coupled Inductor, based High Gain, High Efficiency DC-DC Converters

Moumita Das ;   Vivek Agarwal

Tags High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter Small Signal Analysis

The high voltage gain, high efficiency dc-dc converters are essential for low voltage fed renewable energy applications. The high gain dc-dc…

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Generic Modeling of a Self-Commutated Multilevel VSC HVDC System for Power System Stability Studies

Christoph Hahn ;   Matthias Burkhardt ;   Anatoli Semerow ;   Matthias Luther ;   Olaf Ruhle

Tags HVDC Generic Modeling Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) VSC Technology Control Design HVDC Stability Analyses

This paper provides a generic stability model of a self-commutated multilevel VSC (Voltage Source Converter) HVDC (High Voltage Direct…

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Instantaneous Thermal Modeling of the DC-Link Capacitor in Photovoltaic Systems

Yongheng Yang ;   Ke Ma ;   Huai Wang ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Thermal Modeling DC-link capacitor Reliability Photovoltaic Mission profiles

In this digest, an instantaneous thermal modelling approach of the DC-link capacitor has been proposed. Compared to the FFT based hot-spot…

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Magneto-Electro-Mechanical Modeling of Magnetic Actuation Systems

Ofer Ezra ;   Mor Mordechai Peretz

Tags Magnetic actuation systems modeling and simulation non-linear inductor model closed loop analysis controller design

This study presents a new modeling methodology for magnetic actuation systems (MAS) that can be realized on a single simulation platform and…

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Model Predictive Control of H-Bridge Inverter based on Discrete-Time Model of Equivalent Circuit

Xuanlyu Wu ;   Guochun Xiao ;   Yong Lu ;   Dapeng Lu ;   Fengwen Chen

Tags Digital control MPC Discrete-time modeling Control delay

Compared to analog control systems, digital control systems possess evident advantages. In the field of power electronics, digital control…

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Novel Leakage Current Study Model based on Finite Element Analysis for Photovoltaic Panels

Wenjie Chen ;   Lei Guo ;   Yiming Duan ;   Xu Yang

Tags photovoltaic finite element analysis leakage current

Nowadays, leakage current seems to be one of the major constraints of photovoltaic inverters. Due to the non-identical switching transitions…

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Production Code Generation for Server Power Supply Controller

Tomotake Sasaki ;   Hisato Hosoyama ;   Yu Yonezawa ;   Atsushi Manabe ;   Kaibin Huang ;   Xin Liu ;   Jincheng Chen ;   Junji Kaneko ;   Yoshiyasu Nakashima

Tags Production Code Generation Automatic Code Generation Model-based Development Digital Power Supply Server Power Supply DSP Digital Control

This paper reports an attempt to generate production-ready embedded software for a digital controller of server power supply. We developed…

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Rapid Control Prototyping for Server Power Supply with High-Resolution PWM

Yu Yonezawa ;   Tomotake Sasaki ;   Hisato Hosoyama ;   Hiroshi Nakao ;   Atsushi Manabe ;   Junji Kaneko ;   Yoshiyasu Nakashima ;   Tsugito Maruyama

Tags Rapid control prototype Digital power supply high-resolution PWM server power supply

In this paper, we report the first Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) system designed for server power supply circuits with a sub-nanoseconds…

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Real-Time Simulation based Performance Analysis of Active Filters for Oil Drilling Rigs

Saikrihna Kanukollu ;   Khalifa Al Hosani ;   Naji Al Sayari ;   Abdul R. Beig

Tags real time simulation power quality

In this paper performance analysis of active power filter (APF) is studied for oil drilling rigs through real-time simulation. A typical oil…

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Reliability Modeling of Capacitor Bank for Modular Multilevel Converter based on Markov State-Space Model

Vahid Najmi ;   Jun Wang ;   Rolando Burgos ;   Dushan Boroyevich

Tags Modular Multilevel Converter Reliability Modeling Capacitor Bank Markov State-Space Model

In this paper, the reliability modeling of the capacitor bank for the Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) based on Markov State-Space Model is…

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Small-Signal Modeling of I^2 Average Current Mode Control

Siyu He ;   John Y. Hung ;   R.M. Nelms

Tags small-signal model I2 average current mode control

The I2 average current mode control is a three loop control system. Since it is a new control technique proposed in 2014, few papers exist…

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Stability Modeling of HEV/EV Electric Drives as a Small-Scale Distibuted Power System

Jun Kikuchi

Tags Stability Impedance Hybrid Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicles Distributed Power System

Stability modeling of electrified vehicle e-drives as a small-scale distributed power system is presented. Three fundamental questions in…

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Topology Design of Isolated Multiport Converters for Smart DC Distribution Systems

Yajian Tong ;   Juri Jatskevich ;   Ali Davoudi

Tags Dc-dc converter multi-port converter power management

Multiport converters provide cost-effective solutions to capture energy from several sources and to dispatch power in smart DC distribution…

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Use of Primary-Side Information to Perform Online Estimation of the Secondary-Side Information and Mutual Inductance in Wireless Inductive Link

Jeff Po Wa Chow ;   Henry Shu-Hung Chung

Tags Wireless Inductive Link Transformer Model Mutual Inductance Resonant Tank Power Transfer Efficiency

The power transfer efficiency of wireless inductive link depends on factors including the mutual inductance between the primary and…

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