A Hybrid Modulation Method for Lifetime Extension of Power Semiconductors in Wind Power Converters

Xiong Du ;   Gaoxian Li ;   Pengju Sun ;   Luowei Zhou ;   Heng-Ming Tai

Tags Power semiconductors thermal analysis lifetime evaluation modulation wind power converter

Pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques can be classified into continuous pulse width modulation (CPWM) and discontinuous pulse width…

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Electro Thermal Stochastic Optimization of a Smart Actuator for an Automotive Application

Florent Robert ;   Filipe Vinci Dos Santos ;   Pierre Vidal ;   Philippe Dessante

Tags Multiphysics Smart Actuator Design Optimization

In this we paper we present an automated sizing framework able to handle electro-thermal couplings. Our case study is a complex multi-physics…

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Embedded Structure for a Voltage Clamping Circuit

Weiyi Feng ;   Lizhi Xu ;   Weiqiang Zhang ;   Hongyang Wu

Tags Voltage clamping circuit embedded structure IGBT module

This paper firstly analyzes the negative effect of loop inductances for the voltage clamping circuit. Then a novel embedded structure is…

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Inductive Power Transfer for Auxiliary Power of Medium Voltage Converters

Bernhard Wunsch ;   Jonathan Bradshaw ;   Ivica Stevanovi? ;   Francisco Canales ;   Wim Van-Der-Merwe ;   Didier Cottet

Tags Inductive power transfer for auxiliary power of medium voltage converters

An inductive power transfer system is designed to supply the auxiliary power of a medium voltage converter. The design is optimized with…

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Investigation of Vehicle Immunity Against RF Noise

Chih-Lun Wang ;   Chingchi Chen

Tags EMC Immunity ECU Resonance Transfer Function

An immunity problem of the Electronic Control Module (ECU) on the vehicle is investigated using the transfer function method. A simple bench…

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Isolated 100% PWM Gate Driver with Auxiliary Energy and Bidirectional FM/AM Signal Transmission via Single Transformer

Achim Seidel ;   Marco Costa ;   Joachim Joos ;   Bernhard Wicht

Tags Isolated Gate Driver Power Supply High Side Switch Bootstrapping Transformer Frequency Modulation Amplitude Modulation

An isolated gate driver with energy bidirectional signal transmission via a single transformer is presented. The combination of bootstrapping,…

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Low-Inductance Snubber Arrays for High-Power, High-Bandwidth Switch-Mode Amplifiers

Daniel J. Rogers ;   Padmavathi Lakshmanan

Tags IGBT modules snubbers parasitic inductance switching transients switched mode power supplies surface mounting RC circuits

This digest presents a low inductance snubber design incorporating a damped DC bus capacitance and multiple RC+RCD cells arranged in two…

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Microgrid Central Controller Development and Hierarchical Control Implementation in the Intelligent MicroGrid Lab of Aalborg University

Lexuan Meng ;   Mehdi Savaghebi ;   Fabio Andrade ;   Juan C. Vasquez ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Mois├Ęs Graells

Tags microgrid central controller secondary control voltage unbalance compensation intelligent microgrid lab

This paper presents the development of a microgrid central controller in an inverter-based intelligent microgrid (iMG) lab in Aalborg…

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Thermal Design of Motor Drives for High Power Density and Long Life in Harsh Environments

I. Josifovic ;   J. Popovic-Gerber ;   J.A. Ferreira ;   U. Drofenik ;   E. Mengotti

Tags Thermal management motor drives inverter DC link capacitors life harsh environments

The paper presents a thermal management concept and thermal design of motor drives for high power density and extra-long life in harsh…

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