A Simplified Capacitive Model for Center-Tapped Multi-Windings Transformers

Fermin A. Holguín ;   Rafael Asensi ;   Roberto Prieto ;   José A. Cobos

Tags Magnetic components Transformers Capacitive model

A simplified capacitive model for transformers with center-tapped windings has been developed. A Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool is used to…

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Coil Structure Optimization Method for Improving Coupling Coefficient of Wireless Power Transfer

Hongchang Li ;   Kangping Wang ;   Lang Huang ;   Jie Li ;   Xu Yang

Tags WPT Coils Coupling Coefficient

The low coupling coefficient is the main reason that results in difficulties to design a high performance mid-range wireless power transfer…

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Current Measurement Method for Characterization of Fast Switching Power Semiconductors with Silicon Steel Current Transformer

Helong Li ;   Szymon B?czkowski ;   Stig Munk-Nielsen ;   Kaiyuan Lu ;   Qian Wu

Tags Power SemiconductorsFast Switching SpeedCurrent MeasurementCurrent Transformer

This paper proposes a novel current measurement method with Silicon Steel Current Transformer (SSCT) for the characterization of fast…

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Design Methodology and Optimization of a Medium Frequency Transformer for High Power DC-DC Applications

M.A. Bahmani ;   T. Thiringer ;   M. Kharezy

Tags High Power Medium Frequency Transformer

High power medium frequency transformer (HPMFT) is one of the key elements of different isolated, bi-directional DC-DC converters in…

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Minimization of Vias in PCB Implementations of Planar Coils with Litz-Wire Structure

I. Lope ;   J. Acero ;   J. Serrano ;   C. Carretero ;   R. Alonso ;   J.M. Burdío

Tags Litz Structure Printed Circuits Inductors Planar Coils

PCB implementation of planar windings replicates the structure of conventional litz wires in order to reduce the ac losses. This structure…

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Qualification of Soft-Magnetic Shielding Materials used in Inductive Wireless Power Transmission Systems

C.P. Dick ;   E. Waffenschmidt ;   A. Krause ;   Christian Polak

Tags Inductive power transmission magnetic material magnetic shielding

In inductive wireless power transmission systems often soft-magnetic shielding is used to avoid lossy eddy currents being induced in…

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Toward Flexible Ferromagnetic-Core Inductors for Wearable Electronic Converters

Yichao Tang ;   Bruce Lee ;   Mert Vural ;   Peter Kofinas ;   Alireza Khaligh

Tags Flexible inductor magneto-dielectric composite wearable electronics

This paper presents flexible and deformable inductors using nanostructured flexible magneto-dielectric materials for wearable electronic…

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