A New DC Arc Fault Detection Method using DC System Component Modeling and Analysis in Low Frequency Range

Gab-Su Seo ;   Katherine A. Kim ;   Kyu-Chan Lee ;   Kyung-Jun Lee ;   Bo-Hyung Cho

Tags dc distribution converter model arc model arc fault arc fault detection system protection

In this paper, system component and arc modeling are presented, along with low frequency range analysis for dc arc fault detection. With an…

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A Novel Gate Charge Measurement Method for High-Power Devices

Atsushi Mikata

Tags Gate Charge Qg Ciss Crss Cgs Cdg Cgd QSCV IGBT MOSFET

Conventional gate charge (Qg) measurement methods require high-power power supply that covers test condition of current and voltage. Such…

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Acoustic Emission Caused by the Failure of a Power Transistor

Tommi J. Kärkkäinen ;   Joonas P. Talvitie ;   Mikko Kuisma ;   Pertti Silventoinen ;   Elena Mengotti

Tags acoustic emission failure igbt

The authors show for the first time that acoustic events are related to the failure of transistors. An experimental setup is presented,…

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An Energy-based Method for the Assessment of Battery and Battery-Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Systems in Pulse-Load Applications

Yiou He ;   Richard Y. Zhang ;   John G. Kassakian

Tags Energy assessment energy storage systems (ESS) battery-ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage systems Ni-MH battery Li-ion battery

A new energy-based method is described for studying the performance of battery or battery-ultracapacitor energy storage systems (ESS) in…

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Class E Resonant Inverter Optimized Design for High Frequency (MHz) Operation using eGaN HEMTs

Kang Peng ;   Enrico Santi

Tags GaN high frequency switching resonant converter

The Class-E resonant converter can achieve zero-voltage switching and zero-dv/dt switching when the switch is turned on in optimum mode….

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Compact Power Module for Integrated Traction Inverters with Highest Power Density

Ole Mühlfeld ;   Klaus Olesen ;   Lars Paulsen ;   Rüdiger Bredtmann

Tags automotive power module integration IGBT inverter design direct cooling

In xEV traction inverters the ongoing trend for mating of power electronic components and mechanical assemblies (i.e. in the transmission…

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Design of DC-Side Stray Inductance for High Speed Switching Inverter based on Normalization Procedure

Masato Ando ;   Keiji Wada

Tags Design Stray inductance High-speed switching

This digest presents a design procedure of the DC-side stray inductance for high speed switching circuit based on normalization procedure. In…

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Energy Analysis and Performance Evaluation of GaN Cascode Switches in an Inverter Leg Configuration

Luis Carlos Murillo Carrasco ;   Andrew J. Forsyth

Tags GaN cascode model inverter

This paper presents an analysis of the energy loss distribution in a cascode array and a study of the behavior of two GaN cascode devices…

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Fabrication and Testing of 3500V/15A SiC JFET based Power Module for High-Voltage, High-Frequency Applications

Sizhe Chen ;   Junwei He ;   Hengyu Wang ;   Kuang Sheng

Tags SiC JFET high voltage power module

This paper introduces the process development and fabrication of SiC junction field effect transistors (JFETs) and schottky barrier diodes…

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Gain and Phase (Gap) Measurement Device

Sameer Arora ;   Poras T. Balsara ;   Dinesh K. Bhatia ;   Robert J. Taylor ;   Bob Hunt

Tags Measurement DDS Lock-in PWM converters

The Gain and Phase (GAP) measurement device is a sophisticated device, which is used to measure the gain and phase of PWM converters and…

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High-Voltage GaN HEMT Evaluation in Micro-Inverter Applications

Chung-Yi Lin ;   Yu-Chen Liu ;   Jih-Sheng Lai ;   Baifeng Chen

Tags Gallium nitride high-electron-mobility transistor (GaN HEMT) micro-inverter

This paper identifies potential problems through an initial implementation and testing of an in-house designed GaN device based micro-inverter….

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New High Efficiency Transfer Mold Module with Parallel IGBT and Super Junction MOSFET

John F. Donlon ;   Eric R. Motto ;   Masahiro Kato ;   Masataka Shiramizu ;   Tomofumi Tanaka

Tags module IPM DIPIPM transfer mold IGBT Super Junction MOSFET high efficiency

Annual Performance Factor (APF) requirements which calculate the annual electricity consumption have been applied to applications such as air…

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Overview of 1.2kV – 2.2kV SiC MOSFETs Targeted for Industrial Power Conversion Applications

Alexander Bolotnikov ;   Peter Losee ;   Alfred Permuy ;   Greg Dunne ;   Stacey Kennerly ;   Brian Rowden ;   Jeffrey Nasadoski ;   Maja Harfman-Todorovic ;   Ravisekhar Raju ;   Fengfeng Tao ;   Philip Cioffi ;   Frank J. Mueller ;   Ljubisa Stevanovic

Tags Silicon Carbide MOSFET Power Device Power Module Buck-Boost converter

This paper presents the latest 1.2kV"2.2kV SiC MOSFETs designed to maximize SiC device benefits for high-power, medium voltage power…

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Reliability and Efficiency Improvement in LLC Resonant Converter by Adopting GaN Transistor

Tong Sun ;   Xiaoyong Ren ;   Qianhong Chen ;   Zhiliang Zhang ;   Xinbo Ruan

Tags LLC resonant converter GaN reverse recovery driving method

LLC resonant converter may operate in zero current switching (ZCS) region under overload or short circuits condition. It will destroy devices…

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Reliability-Oriented IGBT Selection for High Power Converters

Jun Wang ;   Rolando Burgos ;   Dushan Boroyevich

Tags Reliability High Power Converter IGBT Cosmic Radiation

This paper presents a methodology to select IGBT in the reliability-oriented design of high power converters. The random failure rate and…

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Sensing IGBT Junction Temperature using Gate Drive Output Transient Properties

He Niu ;   Robert D. Lorenz

Tags IGBT junction temperature

This digest presents a non-invasive method that integrates junction temperature sensing into the IGBT gate drive and enables high bandwidth…

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