A FFT based Harmonic Calculation on Voltage Source Inverters with DPWM

Hong Zheng ;   Kai Li ;   Gang Tang ;   Zheng-Feng Liang

Tags Harmonic CalculationVoltage Source InvertersFourier transform algorithmDPWM

For the validity of filter-optimized design in voltage source inverters (VSI), a practically quantitative calculation method is quite necessary….

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A New Zero Voltage Switching Three-Level NPC Inverter

Ning He ;   Yenan Chen ;   Dehong Xu ;   Ke Ma ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags ZVS three-level NPC inverter SVM

A novel Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) three-level NPC inverter topology using a new ZVS Space Vector Modulation (SVM) scheme is proposed. A…

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A Startup Scheme for Zero-Voltage-Switching PV Inverter

Jiangbei Xi ;   Yenan Chen ;   Min Chen ;   Pingping Chen ;   Dehong Xu

Tags Zero-Voltage-Switching startup scheme PV inverter

The startup process of the Zero-Voltage-Switching full-bridge inverter is presented. In order to guarantee all the switching devices of the…

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Active Thermal Protection and Lifetime Extension in 3L-NPC-Inverter in the Low Modulation Range

The-Minh Phan ;   Gernot J. Riedel ;   Nikolaos Oikonomou ;   Mario Pacas

Tags PWM Fault Tolerant Control 3L-NPC VSC

The switches of multilevel inverters in high-power applications are mounted on dedicated heatsinks and there is no built-in heat sharing among…

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An Inrush Current Mitigation Approach of the Output Transformer for Inverter

Zhi Chen ;   Xuejun Pei ;   Li Peng ;   Shunchao Wang

Tags short circuit inverter inrush current mitigation

When a short circuit fault occurs on the load side of inverter, the control system based on hardware and software current limiting strategy…

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An Isolated Bi-Directional Soft-Switched DC-AC Converter using Wide-Band-Gap Devices with Novel Carrier-based Unipolar Modulation Technique under Synchronous Rectification

Mengqi Wang ;   Qingyun Huang ;   Wensong Yu ;   Alex Q. Huang

Tags Cycloconverter High-Frequency-AC Link Unipolar Soft-switching modulation Hybrid switches

A novel carrier-based unipolar-SPWM-oriented modulation technique with synchronous rectification for isolated bi-directional soft-switched…

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Analog Control of AC Link Universal Power Converters: The Key to Very High Frequency AC Link Conversion Systems

Mahshid Amirabadi

Tags AC-AC converter Inverters soft switching High frequency ac link analog control

The ac-link universal converters offer numerous advantages, including high power-density. Despite being single-stage, these converters can…

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Analysis of a Modulation Technique Applied to FC Inverter for THD Reduction

Davi R. Joca ;   Allan U. Barbosa ;   Demercil S. Oliveira Jr. ;   Paulo P. Pra├ža ;   Luiz H.S.C. Barreto ;   Ranoyca N.A.L. Silva

Tags Multilevel FC inverter THD reduction

This work presents a better-detailed study and THD analysis of the modulation technique previously described in [1] which is applied in total…

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Efficiency Evaluation on a CoolMos Switching and IGBT Conducting Multilevel Inverter

Alexander Anthon ;   Zhe Zhang ;   Michael A.E. Andersen ;   Toke Franke

Tags NPC T-Type Hybrid CoolMos IGBT

A multilevel inverter for grid-tie applications and motor drives is presented, that uses CoolMos switches for the switching actions and IGBT…

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Evaluation of Design Variables in Thompson Coil based Operating Mechanisms for Ultra-Fast Opening in Hybrid AC and DC Circuit Breakers

Chang Peng ;   Iqbal Husain ;   Alex Q. Huang

Tags Finite element method ultra-fast switch Thompson coil operating mechanism hybrid circuit breaker DC circuit breaker.

The paper presents the operation transient analysis and multi-physics complexities in the design of a Thompson coil based ultra-fast…

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Modular Multilevel Converter with Full-Bridge Submodules and Improved Low-Frequency Ripple Suppression for Medium-Voltage Drives

Liqun He ;   Kai Zhang ;   Jian Xiong ;   Shengfang Fan ;   Yaosuo Xue

Tags Modular Multilevel Converter Medium Voltage Drives Full-Bridge Submodule

Due to the low-frequency voltage fluctuation problem, application of modular multilevel converters (MMC) in wide-speed-range medium-voltage…

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Predictive Control Method for Load Current of Single-Phase Voltage Source Inverters

Jeihoon Baek ;   Su-en Kim ;   Sangshin Kwak

Tags Single-phase voltage source inverter current control

This paper proposes a model predictive current control (MPCC) method utilizing two output voltages with variable application durations in one…

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Time Optimal, Loss Minimizing Current Trajectory for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines in Overmodulation

Wei Xu ;   Fazal U. Syed

Tags IPMSM Current Control Overmodulation Dynamic Programming

This paper describes a minimum loss and fast dynamic torque control for interior permanent magnet synchronous machine (IPMSM) drives…

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