A Unique Active Anti-Islanding Protection for a Quasi-Z-Source based Power Conditioning System

M. Trabelsi ;   H. Abu-Rub

Tags Quasi-Z-Source Network Multilevel Inverter Grid Interfacing Anti-Islanding Protection

This paper presents the performance assessment of three active Islanding Detection Methods for a quasi-Z-Source based Power Conditioning…

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Current Commutation in a Medium Voltage Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker using 15 kV Vacuum Switch and SiC Devices

Chang Peng ;   Alex Q. Huang ;   Xiaoqing Song

Tags DC circuit breaker hybrid circuit breaker ultra-fast switch current commutation SiC device Emitter turn off thyristor vacuum switch.

Analysis and experimental study of current commutation in an ultra-fast, current limiting, hybrid DC circuit breaker for medium voltage…

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FPGA based DSC-PLL for Grid Harmonics and Voltage Unbalance Effect Elimination

Jongmin Jo ;   Byung-Moon Han ;   Hanju Cha

Tags DSC PLL FPGA distorted three-phase voltage

In this paper, the design of DSC-PLL (Delayed Signal Cancellation Phase Locked Loop) based on FPGA is discussed. This method shows…

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Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis in Neutral-Point-Clamped Active Power Filters based on Instant Voltage Error with No Additional Sensors

L.M.A. Caseiro ;   A.M.S. Mendes ;   P.M.A.F. Lopes

Tags Fault Diagnosis Multilevel Converters Active Power Filters Neutral-Point-Clamped

This paper proposes the use of a fault diagnosis algorithm based on instant voltage error for Neutral-Point-Clamped active power filters….

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Protected Control Method for Voltage Source Converter (VSC) in AC/DC Hybrid Grid under Grid Unbalanced Faults

Minglin Zhu ;   Lijun Hang ;   Guojie Li

Tags unbalanced grid voltagesprotected control methodAC/DC hybrid grid

In this paper, the current harmonic for VSC is theoretically analyzed in an unbalanced condition and the grid-connected converter protecting…

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Subharmonic Power Line Carrier (PLC) based Island Detection

Scott Perlenfein ;   Michael Ropp ;   Jason Neely ;   Sigifredo Gonzalez ;   Lee Rashkin

Tags Power line carrier PLC anti-islanding distributed generation photovoltaics

Advanced inverter functions are essential to mitigating the negative impacts of high penetration PV, but their integration into a typical…

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