A Family of Single-Phase Transformerless Inverters with Asymmetric Phase-Legs

Baifeng Chen ;   Jih-Sheng Lai

Tags Transformer-less inverter Asymmetric Phase-legs neutral point clamping

In recent years, the photovoltaic (PV) transformerless inverters are becoming more and more popular, and a variety of inverter topologies…

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Development of a Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Application – Power Grid Emulator by using ‘Voltage Source Inverter Cumulation’

Guangye Si ;   Julien Cordier ;   Ralph Kennel


Due to the increasing use of complex technological components in safety-critical applications like public transportation or distributed power…

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Planar Common Mode Inductor Design for EMI Filter

Yu Zhang ;   Feng Zheng ;   Yuchen Xie ;   Yanpeng Qiao ;   Gengzhai Peng

Tags CM inductor EMI filter RSM

In this paper, a novel common mode inductor structure is proposed to achieve high power density for the EMI filter. For better utilization of…

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Power Factor Correction of LED Drivers with Third Port Energy Storage

Saeed Anwar ;   Mohamed O. Badawy ;   Yilmaz Sozer

Tags LED driver power factor correction

A three port fly-back converter is presented in this paper for light emitting diode (LED) drivers. The presented topology eliminates the need…

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STATCOM-based Virtual Inertia Control for Wind Power Generation

Yang Liu ;   Shuitao Yang ;   Deepak Gunasekaran ;   Fang Zheng Peng

Tags inertial response STATCOM voltage source converter wind power

A novel virtual inertia control utilizing cascaded multilevel inverter (CMI) based STATCOM for wind power generation is presented in this paper….

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