A Multilevel VR Implementation and MIMO Control Scheme for Vertically-Stacked Microprocessor Cores

Christopher Schaef ;   Jason T. Stauth

Tags DC-DC converters Partial Power Processing Differential Power Processing Digital Circuits VRM

Falling supply voltages and increasing parallelism in digital systems pose significant challenges to voltage regulators. A recently proposed…

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A Novel Full Load Range ZVS DC-DC Full-Bridge Converter with Natural Hold-Up Time Operation

Pritam Das ;   Majid Pahlevaninezhad

Tags DC-DC converter PWM Hold Up Time ZVS

Two-stage AC-DC are industry workhorses for powering network servers, telecom and other IT loads. Such converters are powered from single…

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A Soft-Switching Multi-Phase Converter with Coupled Inductors and Switch-Time-Delay Control

Guofeng Zhu ;   Ting Qian ;   Brad Lehman

Tags Soft-Switching Coupled Inductors Switch-Time-Delay Control

There is an increasing demand to implement soft-switching techniques to inductor coupled power converters in order to reduce their overall…

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A Three-Port DC-DC Converter with Low Frequency Current Ripple Reduction Technique

Zhong Chen ;   Qunfang Wu ;   Mengnan Li ;   Yaming Xu ;   Qin Wang

Tags three-port converter current ripple reduction small capacitance

A three-port DC-DC converter with low frequency current ripple reduction technique is proposed, which can be applied to two-stage systems…

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An Extra-Low-Frequency RS-SCALDO Technique: A New Approach to Design Voltage Regulator Modules

Thilini Wickramasinghe ;   Nihal Kularatna ;   D. Alistair Steyn-Ross

Tags supercapacitor VRM LDO dc-dc converter efficiency

The supercapacitor assisted low dropout regulators (SCALDO) indicate that the end-to-end efficiency (ETEE) of those regulators can achieve…

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Bidirectional DC-DC Converter using Secondary LLC Resonant Tank

Eun-Soo Kim ;   Jun-Hyoung Park ;   Jong-Sung Joo ;   Seung-Min Lee ;   Kwangseob Kim ;   Young-Su Kong

Tags LLC Resonant Converter Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Energy Storage Systems

In order to have high gain LLC resonant characteristics in the bidirectional power transfers, a bidirectional Secondary LLC (SLLC) resonant…

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Efficiency Impact of MOSFET Output Junction Capacitance on a High Step Down Ratio Phase Shift Full Bridge DC/DC Converter

Yutian Cui ;   Weimin Zhang ;   Leon M. Tolbert ;   Daniel J. Costinett ;   Fred Wang ;   Benjamin J. Blalock

Tags High efficiency phase shift full bridge converter GaN data center

In this paper, the designing and optimization of a high step down ratio (66:1) phase shift full bridge (PSFB) DC/DC converter used for data…

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Extending the Operational Limits of the Push-Pull Converter with SiC Devices and an Active Energy Recovery Clamp Circuit

Bret Whitaker ;   Daniel Martin ;   Edgar Cilio

Tags dc-dc converter silicon carbide high density high frequency

This paper presents a push-pull converter that utilizes silicon carbide (SiC) power devices along with an active energy recovery clamp (AERC)…

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High-Efficiency Low-Cost Soft-Swtiching DC-DC Converter for EV On-Board Battery Chargers

Min-Kwon Yang ;   Hyoung-Sup Cho ;   Seung-Jae Lee ;   Woo-Young Choi

Tags High-efficiency Battery charger DC-DC converter

This paper proposes a high-efficiency soft-switching pulse-width modulated (PWM) full-bridge (FB) dc-dc converter for the on-board battery…

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High-Efficiency Ultracapacitor Charger using a Soft-Switching Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter

Min-Kwon Yang ;   Hyoung-Sup Cho ;   Seung-Jae Lee ;   Woo-Young Choi

Tags High-efficiency Ultracapacitor Charger DC-DC converter

This paper proposes a high-efficiency ultracapacitor charger using a soft-switching full-bridge pulse-width modulated (PWM) converter….

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MHz GaN-based Interleaved CRM Bi-Directional Buck/Boost Converter with Coupled Inductor

Xiucheng Huang ;   Fred C. Lee ;   Qiang Li ;   Weijing Du

Tags Gallium Nitride (GaN) device bi-directional converter interleaving critical current mode (CRM) zero-voltage switching (ZVS) coupled inductor

This paper aims to analyze the benefits of coupled inductors in CRM operation based on a 1MHZ interleaved buck/boost converter with GaN…

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Optimal Design of a Redundant High Current DC/DC Converter

Chenhao Nan ;   Sitthipong Angkititrakul ;   Zhixiang Liang

Tags Redundant DC/DC Converter Current Sharing

This paper discusses an optimal design of a highly efficient redundant paralleled multiphase buck converter with active current sharing…

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Output Filter Design in High-Efficiency Wide-Bandwidth Multi-Phase Buck Envelope Amplifiers

Yuanzhe Zhang ;   Miguel Rodríguez ;   Dragan Maksimovi?

Tags Envelope Tracking Output Filter Multi-Phase Buck converter Radio-Frequency Amplifier

Supply modulation is a system efficiency improvement technique in RF transmitters, where a power converter operating as an envelope tracking…

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Resonant Converter Building Blocks for High Power, High Voltage Applications

M.S. Agamy ;   M.E. Dame ;   J. Dai ;   X. Li ;   P.M. Cioffi ;   R.L. Sellick ;   R.K. Gupta

Tags Resonant Converters Soft Switching DC/DC Converters VSC Converters

This paper presents the use of high frequency resonant power converters as building blocks for medium voltage and high voltage dc…

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Voltage Regulation and Efficiency Optimization in a 100 MHz Series Resonant DC-DC Converter

Alihossein Sepahvand ;   Luca Scandola ;   Yuanzhe Zhang ;   Dragan Maksimovi?

Tags GaN High Frequency online optimization burst control on-off control dual half bridge

This paper describes a closed-loop regulated dual half-bridge series resonant dc-dc converter operated at 100 MHz switching frequency using…

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