A 100V Reconfigurable Synchronous Gate Driver with Comparator-based Dynamic Dead-Time Control for High-Voltage High-Frequency DC-DC Converters

Lin Cong ;   Jing Xue ;   Hoi Lee

Tags On-chip high-voltage synchronous gate driver high-voltage level shifter design automatic dead-time generation for ZVS

This paper presents an integrated reconfigurable high-voltage (HV) synchronous gate driver for driving GaN FET and Si-MOSFET power switches…

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A High Efficiency Wireless DC-DC Converter

Andrei Savu ;   Adrian Lita ;   Ionel Dan Jitaru

Tags Wireless Charger Digital Control CLLC Resonant Tank DSP Pot Core Litz Wire

This paper will present a converter design targeted to push the performance in respect of efficiency and power density for a 50W Wireless…

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A High Step-Down Non-Isolated Bus Converter with Partial Power Conversion based on Synchronous LLC Resonant Converter

Liqun Chen ;   Hongfei Wu ;   Peng Xu ;   Haibing Hu ;   Chengan Wan

Tags bus converter high step-downnon-isolatedpartial power conversionLLCsynchronous rectification

A novel DC/DC conversion architecture is proposed for a non-isolated front-end bus converter with wide input voltage range. A DC-DCX, which…

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A High-Frequency Resonant Gate Driver for Enhancement-Mode GaN Power Devices

Yu Long ;   Weimin Zhang ;   Daniel Costinett ;   Benjamin B. Blalock ;   Luke L. Jenkins

Tags GaN HEMT gate driver resonant gate driver

A new resonant gate driver for the high-frequency enhancement-mode GaN HEMT power devices is proposed and designed with a HV CMOS…

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A New Family of GaN Transistors for Highly Efficient High Frequency DC-DC Converters

David Reusch ;   Johan Strydom ;   Alex Lidow

Tags GaN High Power Density Point of Load

In this paper we will discuss the latest developments in DC-DC converters, including major improvements in eGaN®FETs with the latest…

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A Novel Ide Control to Improve Light Load Efficiency for a Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter

Sean Xu ;   Jason Wang

Tags Digital Control Efficiency Converter IDE

Server and telecom power systems have traditionally been using the Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) or Adaptive Bus Converter (ABC). To…

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A Single Stage 54V to 1.8V Multi-Phase Cascaded Buck Voltage Regulator Module

K.K. Leong ;   G. Deboy ;   K. Krischan ;   A. Muetze

Tags VRM PoL DC-to-DC multi-phase buck converters non-isolated ZCS

This paper proposes a new design approach to the conventional two stages solution to convert the 48-60V low voltage bus to the 1-1.8V point…

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A Single-Stage Three-Port Boost Converter with High Voltage Gain based on the Bidirectional Version of the Three-State Switching Cell

Diego B.S. Alves ;   Paulo P. Praça ;   Demercil S. Oliveira Jr. ;   Luiz H.S.C. Barreto ;   Luiz C.G. de Freitas

Tags DC-DC Power Conversion High Voltage Gain Photovoltaic Panels and Batteries.

This paper presents a new three-port dc-dc high voltage gain boost converter based on the bidirectional version of the three-state…

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Adaptive-on-Time Control Technique for Output Ripple Reduction and Light-Load Efficiency Enhancement in Low-Power Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Regulators

Zhe Hua ;   Hoi Lee

Tags integrated switched-capacitor DC-DC converters power management integrated circuits

This paper presents an adaptive-on-time control (AOTC) technique for low-power switched-capacitor (SC) DC-DC regulators in…

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Bi-Directional Piezoelectric Transformer based Converter for High-Voltage Capacitive Applications

Martin S. Rødgaard

Tags Piezoelectric transformer Bi-directional converter DC/DC converter Resonant converter Control Capacitive load Energy recovery High voltage Hig

A piezoelectric transformer based converter is presented in this paper, which not only is capable of generating high voltages, but also…

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Design and Analysis of an Ultra-High Efficiency Phase Shifted Full Bridge GaN Converter

Rakesh Ramachandran ;   Morten Nymand

Tags isolated dc-dc converter wide band gap devicesGaN magnetics high efficiency

The paper presents the design and development of an ultra-high efficiency phase shifted full bridge isolated dc-dc converter using Gallium…

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Digital Multiphase Constant On-Time Regulator Supporting Energy Proportional Computing

A. Zafarana ;   O. Zambetti ;   G. Lingua ;   S. Saggini

Tags VRM dc-dc control architecture

The server architecture research is working focusing on energy proportional machines that would ideally consume no power when idle, and…

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Dynamical Modeling of Power Converters with Power Semiconductor Filter

Wing-To Fan ;   Kuen-Faat Yuen ;   Henry Shu-Hung Chung

Tags Power semiconductor filter input filtering power electronics power converters DC-DC power conversion

“Power Semiconductor Filter (PSF)” has been proposed to replace passive input filter with a semiconductor filter. The methodology is based…

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Predictive Adaptive Method for Synchronous Rectification

Alberto Iorio ;   Alberto Bianco ;   Maurizio Foresta ;   Giuseppe Scappatura ;   Claudio Adragna ;   Silvio DeSimone

Tags Predictive adaptive synchronous rectification

The paper will focus on an innovative digital algorithm for synchronous rectification in LLC power converters. The algorithm optimizes the turn…

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Research and Realization of a Novel Active Common-Mode EMI Filter

Xinli Chang ;   Wenjie Chen ;   Yuehong Yang ;   Kangping Wang ;   Xu Yang

Tags EMI filter common mode

Voltages and currents of high power density power electronic circuits vary rapidly for its high speed switching, which results in serious…

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Self-Oscillating Galvanic Isolated Bidirectional Very High Frequency DC-DC Converter

Jeppe A. Pedersen ;   Mickey P. Madsen ;   Arnold Knott ;   Michael A.E. Andersen

Tags Self-oscillating Galvanic Isolated Bidirectional Very High Frequency DC-DC Converter VHF

This paper presents a self-oscillating galvanic isolated bidirectional very high frequency DC-DC converter; it is built on the Class-E…

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The Cost-Efficient, Common-Ground, Non-Isolated Three-Port Converter Deduced from the Single-Inductor Dual-Output (SIDO) Topology

Pengcheng Zhang ;   Yu Chen ;   Zhou Lu ;   Yong Kang

Tags power electronics dc-dc conversion three-port converter

In recent year, three-port converter (TPC) has been widely presented to connect the renewable source, energy-stored component and the…

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