A Novel Control Scheme of Three-Phase Single-Switch DCM Boost PFC Converter

Kai Yao ;   Qingsai Meng ;   Wenbin Hu ;   Weijie Tang ;   Jianguo Lyu

Tags Three-phase single-switch boost PFC Efficiency Variable duty cycle control

For three-phase single-switch DCM boost PFC converter, energy transfer does not cover the whole switching cycle, the rms and peak values…

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A Novel Matrix based Isolated Three Phase AC-DC Converter with Reduced Switching Losses

Amit K. Singh ;   Pritam Das ;   S.K. Panda

Tags ZCS EMI Matrix Modulation HFAC Rectifier Inverter Transformer

This paper present a Matrix based isolated three phase AC-DC converter suitable for aircraft application. A three phase to single phase…

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A Power Supply Topology Operating at Highly Discontinuous Input Voltages for Two-Wire Connected Control Devices in Digital Load-Side Transmission (DLT) Systems for Intelligent Lighting

Lukas Lohaus ;   Arne Rossius ;   Ralf Wunderlich ;   Stefan Heinen

Tags Power Supply Intelligent Lighting Efficient LED Lighting Smart Control Digital Load-Side Transmission(DLT)

This paper presents an AC-DC power supply concept for control devices in Digital Load-Side Transmission (DLT) systems with high energy…

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A Single-Stage Three-Phase AC/DC Converter with Y-? Three-Phase Transformer

Ling Gu ;   Ke Jin

Tags Three-phase AC/DC converter single-stage Y-" Three-phase Transformer

400V DC power supply architecture has been demonstrated to possess superior efficiency, power density and reliability compared with ac…

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Analysis, Control and Design of a Long-Lifetime AC-DC Bus Converter within a Nanogrid

Hao Wu ;   Siu-Chung Wong ;   C.K. Tse ;   Qianhong Chen

Tags AC-DC bus converter DC bus for LED lighting single-phase rectifier electrolytic capacitor elimination

DC bus is widely used for a grid connected nanogrid system. It can provide a higher overall system efficiency and an easier interface for…

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Characterization and Evaluation of 600 V Range Devices for Active Power Factor Correction in Boundary and Continuous Conduction Modes

Juan C. Hernandez ;   Lars P. Petersen ;   Michael A.E. Andersen

Tags Power Factor Correction Continuous Boundary Characterization Evaluation

Traditional characterization of semiconductors switching dynamics is performed based on clamped inductive load measurements using the double…

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Inhibiting Mains Current Distortion for SWISS Rectifier – a Three-Phase Buck-Type Harmonic Current Injection PFC Converter

Ruirui Chen ;   Yuan Yao ;   Le Zhao ;   Ming Xu

Tags AC-DC Converters buck-type PFC converter pulsewidth modulationcurrent distortion

In this paper, a competitive three-phase buck-type PFC converter named SWISS Rectifier is comprehensively researched to inhibit mains current…

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Multi-Mode Controlled Push-Pull Boost Power Factor Corrector

Chung-Yi Lin ;   Jih-Sheng Lai ;   Yu-Kang Lo ;   Huang-Jen Chiu ;   Cheng-Yen Yang ;   Yu-Chen Liu

Tags push-pull PFC multi-mode operations coupled inductor

This paper proposes a novel multi-mode controlled power factor corrector (PFC) based on the push-pull boost PFC topology which features…

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New Way to Regulate DC Link Voltage for Adaptive Travel Adaptor Applications

Jason Guo

Tags DC link AC-DC converter travel adaptor

This paper presents a new way to regulate DC link voltage for wide input and output applications. Unlike conventional boost pre-regulator, the…

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Optimum Design on the Single-Stage Forward-flyback PFC Converter with Two Different QR Controls

Jiangsong Li ;   Xiaogao Xie ;   Kunsheng Peng ;   Chen Zhao

Tags AC-DC Forward-flyback PFC High power factor QR control mode

In this paper, two quasi-resonant (QR) control strategies to achieve BCM for the single-stage Forward-flyback PFC converter have been…

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Performance Comparison of Three-Step and Six-Step PWM in Average-Current-Controlled Three-Phase Six-Switch Boost PFC Rectifier

Laszlo Huber ;   Misha Kumar ;   Milan M. Jovanovi?

Tags three-step PWM six-step PWM average-current control three-phase six-switch boost PFC rectifier DSP THD power factor

In this paper, a three-step PWM method for the average-current-controlled three-phase six-switch boost PFC rectifier is proposed. It is…

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Variable Frequency and Constant Frequency Modulation Techniques for GaN based MHz H-Bridge PFC

Nidhi Haryani ;   Rolando Burgos ;   Dushan Boroyevich

Tags PFC CRM TCM Constant Frequency TCM GaN ZVS EMI

This paper discusses about the existing variable frequency modulation techniques for PFC and compares them on the basis of possibility of…

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Zero Voltage Switching Differential Inverters

Behnam Koushki ;   Alireza Safaee ;   Praveen Jain ;   Alireza Bakhshai

Tags ZVSdifferential Inverter buck-boost inverterboost inverter

This paper proposes a family of single-phase single-stage step-up/down ZVS inverters derived from adding an LC series resonant circuit to…

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