A Constant Duty Cycle Control, Single-Phase Inverter Design for Distributed Static Series Compensators

Alexander Brissette ;   Anderson Hoke ;   Dragan Maksimovi?

Tags FACTS AC-DC transmission systems smart grid

Distributed static series compensators (DSSC) are power electronics devices that can inject positive or negative reactance into a…

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An Accurate Power-Sharing Control Method based on Circulating-Current Power Model for Voltage-Source-Inverter Parallel System

Mingzhi Gao ;   Canhui Zhang ;   Maohang Qiu ;   Weiheng Li ;   Min Chen ;   Zhaoming Qian

Tags Microgrid islanding operation parallel inverter system circulating current

This paper analyzes the voltage-source-inverter parallel system as a multi-input & multi-output system, and proposes the circulating-current…

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Control and Implementation of Converter based AC Transmission Line Emulation

Bo Liu ;   Sheng Zheng ;   Yiwei Ma ;   Fred Wang ;   Leon M. Tolbert

Tags Hardware test bed ac transmission line Emulation

An ultra-wide-area transmission network emulator, also called hardware test-bed (HTB), is being developed to emulate the large-scale…

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Current Control of Grid Converters Connected with Series AC Capacitor

Xiongfei Wang ;   Frede Blaabjerg ;   Poh Chiang Loh ;   Ying Pang

Tags Current Control Grid-Connected Converters Series-Connected AC Capacitor

The series ac capacitor has recently been used with the transformerless grid-connected converters in the distribution power grids. The…

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Double Synchronous Frame Current Regulation of Distributed Generation Systems under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions without Sequence Current Separation

R. Kabiri ;   D.G. Holmes ;   B.P. McGrath

Tags unbalanced current distributed generation current regulation

Unbalanced current regulation of distributed generation sources usually requires to control the positive and negative sequence currents in…

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Fractionally Rated Transformer-Less Unified Power Flow Controllers for Interconnecting Synchronous AC Grids

Deepak Gunasekaran ;   Shuitao Yang ;   Fang Zheng Peng

Tags Power flow controller HVDC Device power ratings

Recently, a novel transformer-less unified power flow controller (T-UPFC) has been proposed. The T-UPFC is a suitable candidate for…

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Harmonic Analysis and Practical Implementation of a Two-Phase Microgrid System

M. Alibeik ;   E.C. Dos Santos Jr. ;   Y. Yang ;   X. Wang ;   F. Blaabjerg

Tags Harmonics Microgrids Two-Phase System Rectifiers

This paper analyzes the harmonics content on a non-linear load connected to a two-phase microgrid system. It turns out that the two-phase…

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Harmonic Interaction Analysis in Grid Connected Converter using Harmonic State Space (HSS) Modeling

Junbum Kwon ;   Xiongfei Wang ;   Claus Leth Bak ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Harmonic analysis Modeling Harmonic coupling Harmonic interaction Harmonic state space modeling

This paper investigates grid connected converter by means of Harmonic State Space (HSS) small signal model, which is modeled from Linear Time…

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Self-Disciplined Stabilization of DC Microgrids by Passivity-based Control

Yunjie Gu ;   Wenjuan Zheng ;   Wuhua Li ;   Xiangning He

Tags Self-disciplined Stabilization Passivity-based Control DC Microgrid

DC microgrids may have time-varying system structures and operation patterns due to the flexibility and uncertainty of microsources. This…

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