A Bridgeless BHB ZVS-PWM AC-AC Converter for High-Frequency Induction Heating Applications and Non-Smoothed DC-Link Characteristics

Tomokazu Mishima ;   Yuki Nakagawa ;   Mutsuo Nakaoka

Tags Induction heating ac-ac converter high frequency soft-switching multi-resonant bridgeless circuit

Performances of a zero voltage soft-switching (ZVS) pulse-width-modulated (PWM) utility frequency ac (UFAC) to high-frequency ac (HFAC)…

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A Crossed Pack-to-Cell Equalizer based on Quasi-Resonant LC Converter with Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Equalization Control for Series-Connected Lithium-Ion Battery Strings

Yunlong Shang ;   Chenghui Zhang ;   Naxin Cui ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Kai Sun

Tags Equalizers zero-current switching adaptive fuzzy logic battery management systems lithium-ion batteries electric vehicles

A crossed pack-to-cell equalizer based on quasi-resonant LC converter is proposed to achieve a large equalization current and high…

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A Detailed Power Loss Analysis of Modular Multilevel Converter

Feyzullah Ertürk ;   Ahmet M. Hava

Tags power loss modular multilevel converter

This paper thoroughly examines the semiconductor power loss characteristics of modular multilevel converters (MMC). Power loss behavior is…

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A High Power Density Dual-Buck Full-Bridge Inverter based on Carrier Phase-Shifted SPWM Control

Tong Su ;   Fanghua Zhang ;   Jianghua Xie ;   Wuji Meng ;   Jinlong Wang

Tags DBFBIcarrier phase-shiftedcirculating currentfilter inductorcoupled inductor

This paper proposed a novel high power density dual-buck full-bridge inverter based on carrier phase-shifted SPWM (CPS-SPWM) control.With…

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A Modified Two Switched-Inductors Quasi Z-Source Inverter

Aboelkasim Bakeer ;   Mohamed A. Ismeil ;   Mohamed Orabi

Tags Z-source switched inductor PWM THD

Up till now, a lot of work is done to improve the features of Z-Source Inverter (ZSI) as a single stage inverter through the modification in…

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A New High Efficient Transformerless Inverter for Single Phase Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System with Reactive Power Control

Monirul Islam ;   S. Mekhilef

Tags Common mode voltage Converter Grid connected Leakage current Photovoltaic Reactive power Transformerless

There has been an increasing interest in transformerless inverter for grid-tied photovoltaic system due to low cost, high efficiency, less…

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An OCC-APF Control Strategy for Unbalanced Grid Conditions

Alberto S. Lock ;   Edison R.C. da Silva ;   Darlan A. Fernandes ;   M. Elbuluk

Tags OCC Unbalanced conditions APF Rectifier DSP

In this work it is proposed a DSP based, OCC control strategy for APF, which is able to work in case of unbalanced grid voltage, i.e. when it…

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Investigation of Time-Varying Magnetic Field in Thyristor Rectifiers of 19kA in Chlor-Alkali Industry

Siamak Shirmohammadi ;   Yongsug Suh

Tags Time varying magnetic field Chloralkali Rectifier EMI ICNIRP Filter

This paper investigates the experimental and simulated time-varying magnetic field in a Chlor-Alkali plant. High current rectifier system of 19kA…

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Research on Fast Open-Loop Phase Locking Scheme for Three-Phase Unbalanced Grid

Liansong Xiong ;   Fang Zhuo ;   Xiaokang Liu ;   Minghua Zhu ;   Ying Chen ;   Feng Wang

Tags grid synchronization open-loop phase locking three-phase unbalanced grid symmetrical components method

Fast and accurate grid synchronization is essential for grid-connected converter control. The existing phase locking schemes are divided into…

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