An Inductive Wireless Charger for Electric Vehicle by using LLC Resonance with Matrix Ferrite Core Group

Hung-I Hsieh ;   Ting-Hsiung Huang ;   Sheng-Fang Shih

Tags LLC resonance wireless power transfer magnetic inductive coupling transconductance Gm.

A wireless LLC charger using primary-side resonance to achieve magnetic inductive coupling with matrix core set (MCS) is proposed for power…

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Elimination Method for the Transmission Efficiency Valley of Death in Laterally Misaligned Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Zhigang Dang ;   Jaber A. Abu Qahouq

Tags Wireless Power Charging Efficiency

This paper first identifies the Transmission Efficiency Valley of Death (TEVD) in laterally misaligned magnetic resonance coupled (MRC) wireless…

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Extended-Range Two-Coil Adaptively Reconfigurable Wireless Power Transfer System

Zhigang Dang ;   Jaber A. Abu Qahouq

Tags Adaptive Control Reconfigurable Wireless Power Switching

This paper presents a two-coil reconfigurable wireless power transfer (WPT) system topology in order to optimize transmission efficiency…

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Output Current Characterization of Parallel-Series/Series Compensated Resonant Converter for Contactless Power Transfer

Jia Hou ;   Qianhong Chen ;   Siu-Chung Wong ;   Xiaoyong Ren ;   Xinbo Ruan

Tags contactless power transfer output current analysis compensation type Parallel-Series/Series compensation

The characteristics of operating as an output voltage source of contactless power transfer system have been widely researched. However,…

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Phase-Shift and Amplitude Control for an Active Rectifier to Maximize the Efficiency and Extracted Power of a Wireless Power Transfer System

Andreas Berger ;   Matteo Agostinelli ;   Sanna Vesti ;   Jesús Á. Oliver ;   José A. Cobos ;   Mario Huemer

Tags wireless power transfer impedance matching active rectifier phase-shift control duty cycle control

In this work a concept to maximize the efficiency of a Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) system as well as to increase the amount of extracted…

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The ZVS Voltage-Mode Class-D Amplifier, an eGaN® FET-Enabled Topology for Highly Resonant Wireless Energy Transfer

Michael A. de Rooij

Tags ZVS class D eGaN FET Wireless Power Transfer A4WP compliant Load Variation

The popularity of highly resonant, loosely coupled, wireless energy transfer systems operating at 6.78 MHz has increased dramatically over the…

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Wireless Charging Power Control for HESS through Receiver Side Voltage Control

Toshiyuki Hiramatsu ;   Xiaoliang Huang ;   Masaki Kato ;   Takehiro Imura ;   Yoichi Hori

Tags Wireless Power Transfer Power Control DC-DC Converter Hybrid Energy Storage Supercapacitor

Battery/SC hybrid energy storage system (HESS) is widely research due to the superiority of SC in high power density, high cycle capability,…

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Wireless Phase – Locked Loop Control for Inductive Power Transfer Systems

Eleni Gati ;   Georgios Kampitsis ;   Ioannis Stavropoulos ;   Stavros Papathanassiou ;   Stefanos Manias

Tags inductive power transfer PLL wireless charging variable frequency control resonance

Power transfer maximization is the main aim in Inductive Power Transfer Systems (IPTSs). Misalignment between the coupled coils is inevitable in…

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Wireless Power Transfer System with an Asymmetric 4-Coil Resonator for Electric Vehicle Battery Chagers

Sangcheol Moon ;   Gun-Woo Moon

Tags wireless power transfer electric vehicle battery

This paper proposes a high efficiency wireless power transfer (WPT) system with an asymmetric 4-coil resonator. It presents a theoretical…

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