Analysis and Compensation of Dead-Time Effect Considering Parasitic Capacitance and Ripple Current

Chengmin Li ;   Yunjie Gu ;   Wuhua Li ;   Xiangning He ;   Zuyi Dong ;   Guodong Chen ;   Chengbin Ma ;   Luhua Zhang

Tags Dead-Time Compensation Parasitic Capacitance Ripple Current

State-of-the-art models of dead-time effect do not consider either the parasitic capacitance of power devices or the ripple current of…

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Characteristic Analysis and Experimental Verification of a Novel Capacitor Voltage Control Strategy for Three-Phase MMC-DSTATCOM

Chen Xu ;   Ke Dai ;   Yong Kang ;   Cong Liu

Tags MMCDSTATCOMCapacitor Voltage BalanceCosine Function

A novel capacitor voltage control strategy for three-phase MMC-DSATACOM is proposed.The improved capacitor voltage control structure…

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Harmonics Mitigation of Dead Time Effects in PWM Converters using a Repetitive Controller

Yongheng Yang ;   Keliang Zhou ;   Huai Wang ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Dead time PWM converters Harmonics Resonant control Repetitive control

In order to prevent the power switching devices (e.g., the Insulated-Gate-Bipolar-Transistor, IGBT) from shoot-through in voltage source…

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Implementation of Parabolic Current Control for Dual-Carrier PWM

Lanhua Zhang ;   Jason Dominic ;   Bin Gu ;   Baifeng Chen ;   Cong Zheng ;   Jih-Sheng Lai

Tags Parabolic Current Control Dual-carrier PWM Voltage Source Inverter

Hysteresis current control is a well-known nonlinear current control method for voltage source inverters. A problem of hysteresis current…

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Improvement of Control-Law Derivation for D-? Digital Controlled Three-Phase Four-Wire Inverter

T.-F. Wu ;   L.-C. Lin ;   P.-H. Lin ;   Y.-H. Chen ;   Y.-R. Chang

Tags D-Sigma digital controlled three-phase four-wire inverter 3-D SVM uninterruptible power system UPS TPM.

This paper presents an improvement of control-law derivation for division-summation (D-?) digital controlled three-phase four-wire inverter….

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Model-Predictive Control to Realize the Switching-Cycle Capacitor Voltage Control for the Modular Multilevel Converters

Jun Wang ;   Rolando Burgos ;   Dushan Boroyevich

Tags Model-Predictive Control Switching-Cycle Control Modular Multilevel Converters

This paper presents a Model-Predictive Control (MPC) scheme that can be used in realizing the Switching-Cycle Capacitor Voltage Control…

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Optimizing Efficiency and Performance for Single-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter with Dual-Half Bridge Converter

Yuzhi Zhang ;   Janviere Umuhoza ;   Haoyan Liu ;   Chris Farnell ;   Alan Mantooth

Tags Soft-switching State-Trajectory Control Direct-Quadrature frame control

This paper presents Dual-Half Bridge resonant converter with State-Trajectory control, it provides a number of benefits, namely increased…

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Oversampled Dead-Beat Current Controller for Voltage Source Converters

Simone Buso ;   Tommaso Caldognetto ;   Danilo Iglesias Brandao

Tags digital control FPGA VSI

A digital current controller is presented in this paper that, exploiting a discrete time, internal model of the converter output filter,…

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Vector based Dead-Time Compensation for a Three-Level T-Type Converter

Xiong Li ;   Serkan Dusmez ;   Bilal Akin ;   Kaushik Rajashekara

Tags dead time compensation three level inverters

This paper proposes a new vector based dead time compensation method for a three-level T-type converter. The origin of dead time voltage…

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