A 1.2 MHz, 25 V to 100 V GaN-based Resonant Dickson Switched-Capacitor Converter with 1011 W/in^3 (61.7 kW/L) Power Density

Benjamin B. Macy ;   Yutian Lei ;   Robert C.N. Pilawa-Podgurski

Tags Switched-Capacitor Resonant Capacitors GaN DC-DC Split-Phase Power Density Dickson

Switched-capacitor (SC) converters have generated interest in the research community due to the possibility of achieving high power…

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A Novel Active-Current-Sharing Method for Interleaved Resonant Converters

Yungtaek Jang ;   Milan M. Jovanovi? ;   Juan M. Ruiz ;   Misha Kumar ;   Gang Liu

Tags automotive dc-dc converter interleaved series resonant boost current sharing time delay control variable frequency

A novel control method for achieving active load-current-sharing of paralleled or interleaved isolated resonant converters is introduced. In…

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Charge Current Control for LLC Resonant Converter

Hangseok Choi

Tags charge control LLC resonant converter

This paper proposes a charge current control method for LLC resonant converter where the total charge of the switch current is compared…

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Efficiency Optimization of LLC Resonant Converters Operating in Wide Input- and/or Output-Voltage Range by On-the-Fly Topology-Morphing Control

Milan M. Jovanovi? ;   Brian T. Irving

Tags LLC Resonant morphing

By changing the switching strategy, a full-bridge converter can be changed to a half-bridge converter while the converter is operating (i.e.,…

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Fourth Order L3C Resonant Converter for Wide Output Voltage Regulation

Navid Shafiei ;   Martin Ordonez ;   Chris Botting ;   Marian Craciun ;   Murray Edington

Tags Resonant Converters Battery Charger wide output voltage regulation soft switching conditions

In order to fully cover the V-I plane of deep-cycle batteries, battery chargers should work under different loading conditions and output…

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Impedance Control Network Resonant DC-DC Converter for Wide-Range High-Efficiency Operation

Jie Lu ;   David J. Perreault ;   Khurram K. Afridi

Tags dc/dc converter resonant converter high-efficiency converter converter for wide-range operation impedance control network on/off control

This digest introduces a new resonant converter architecture that operates at fixed frequency and utilizes multiple inverters and an…

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Secondary-Side Phase-Shift-Controlled High Step-Up Hybrid Resonant Converter with Voltage Multiplier for High Efficiency PV Applications

Hongfei Wu ;   Tian Xia ;   Yan Xing ;   Peng Xu ;   Haibing Hu ;   Zhuoran Zhang

Tags DC-DC converter resonant converter high step-up soft-switching

High efficiency high step-up DC-DC converters are required for modular photovoltaic (PV) power conditioning systems to achieve maximum power…

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Series-Resonant Converter with Reduced-Frequency-Range Control

Yungtaek Jang ;   Milan M. Jovanovi? ;   Juan M. Ruiz ;   Gang Liu

Tags resonant converter series resonant boost wide range variable frequency duty cycle time delay control

The proposed control method offers improved performance in series resonant converters that operate with a wide input-voltage range or a…

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The Third Harmonics Current Injection Scheme for LLC Topology to Reduce the RMS of the Output Current

Ren Ren ;   Fanghua Zhang ;   Zhiyuan Shen ;   Shuo Liu

Tags third order harmonics injection resonant converter conduction loss reduction

In this paper, inherent problem of the unregulated LLC DC transformer’s (LLC-DCT) has been discussed which leads to a large conduction loss…

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