Advanced Induction Heating Appliances using High-Voltage GaN Gate Injection Transistors

Hector Sarnago ;   O. Lucia ;   J.M. Burdío

Tags Wide bandgap devices induction heating inverter.

Induction heating is a contactless highly-efficient technology with a major social and economic impact due to its benefits in terms of…

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Design and Implementation of Planar Inductors for Low Voltage GaN-based Power Converters

Luke L. Jenkins ;   Jeffrey M. Aggas ;   Benjamin K. Rhea ;   William E. Abell ;   Chistopher G. Wilson ;   Robert N. Dean

Tags GaN POL Planar Inductors Planar Magnetics

The design and implementation of planar inductors in low voltage GaN-based applications is investigated, and design techniques conducive to…

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Enhancement Mode Gallium Nitride Transistor Reliability

Rob Strittmatter ;   Chunhua Zhou ;   Alex Lidow ;   Yanping Ma

Tags Gallium Nitride GaN eGaN Reliability Enhancement Mode Transistor FET Wiebull MTTF

The industry’s understanding of the reliability of GaN transistors has continued to grow with positive results. In this paper we develop a…

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Fast Tracking Electrosurgical Generator using GaN Switches

Scott Jensen ;   Dragan Maksimovic ;   Daniel Friedrichs ;   James Gilbert

Tags Electrosurgery Fast Tracking Two-rail multi-phase buck GaN

Electrosurgery involves the use of high-frequency (typically 100-500 kHz) alternating current (AC) to elicit a clinical response in tissue…

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GaN FET based CubeSat Electrical Power System

Shikhar Singh ;   Ashish Shrivastav ;   Subhashish Bhattacharya

Tags Digital Control GaN Devices

This paper deals with the development of high efficiency, compact and flexible Electrical Power System (EPS) for a Cube Satellite (CubeSat)…

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Medium Voltage Power Converter Design and Demonstration using 15 kV SiC N-IGBTs

Arun Kadavelugu ;   Krishna Mainali ;   Dhaval Patel ;   Sachin Madhusoodhanan ;   Awneesh Tripathi ;   Kamalesh Hatua ;   Subhashish Bhattacharya ;   Sei-Hyung Ryu ;   David Grider ;   Scott Leslie

Tags 15 kV SiC IGBT High Voltage Converter Demonstration Solid State Transformer

This paper summarizes the different steps that have been undertaken to design high voltage power converters using the state-of-the-art 15…

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Two Phase Interleaved ISOP Connected High Step Down Ratio Phase Shift Full Bridge DC/DC Converter with GaN FETs

Yutian Cui ;   Weimin Zhang ;   Leon M. Tolbert ;   Daniel J. Costinett ;   Fred Wang ;   Benjamin J. Blalock

Tags High efficiency power supply GaN ISOP AVP

High voltage DC (400 V) power supply architecture is becoming a standard in today’s data center power supply. To further convert from 400…

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