A Hybrid-PWM based DC-Link Voltage Balancing Algorithm for a 3-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped (NPC) DC/AC Traction Inverter Drive

Abhijit Choudhury ;   Pragasen Pillay ;   Sheldon S. Williamson

Tags Electric propulsion motor drives permanent magnet motors traction vehicles.

This paper presents a hybrid pulse-width modulation (PWM) technique, for a 3-level neutral point clamped (NPC) electric vehicle (EV) traction…

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A Novel Design and Performance Characterization of a Very High Current Low Voltage DC-DC Converter for Application in Micro and Mild Hybrid Vehicles

Anuradha Ogale ;   Bulent Sarlioglu ;   Yang Wang

Tags DC-DC Converter Self Driven Synchronous Rectification ZCS turn-off Body Diode Conduction Micro and Mild Hybrid High Current Low Voltage

This research proposes a new single-phase two-level design for a very high current low voltage unidirectional dc-dc converter. The targeted…

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A Novel Vehicular Integrated Power System Realized with Multi-Port Series AC Link Converter

Babak Farhangi ;   Hamid A. Toliyat

Tags Multi-Input Converters Integrated Power System Vehicular Power Conditioner Connected Vehicles Onboard Automotive Power Conditioner

In recent years, there has been a trend on developing the grid connected vehicles. The futuristic grid connected vehicles need onboard…

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A Topological Evaluation of Isolated DC/DC Converters for Auxiliary Power Modules in Electrified Vehicle Applications

Ruoyu Hou ;   Pierre Magne ;   Berker Bilgin ;   Ali Emadi

Tags Electrified vehicle auxiliary power module isolated dc/dc converter modular converter MOSFET switch selection full bridge current doubler

This paper presents a comparative evaluation of the suitable isolated DC-DC converters for the Auxiliary Power Module (APM) in Electrified…

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New Compact, High Performance 7th Generation IGBT Module with Direct Liquid Cooling for EV/HEV Inverters

Khalid Hussein ;   Mikio Ishihara ;   Noboru Miyamoto ;   Yosuke Nakata ;   Toshiya Nakano ;   John Donlon ;   Eric Motto

Tags EV HEV IGBT Module Direct Liquid Cooling Automotive Power-Train Inverter

This paper presents a new compact, direct liquid-cooled IGBT module series (J1-Series) addressing major requirements for EV/HEV inverter…

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Performance Evaluation of a High-Speed High-Power Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

Haoding Li ;   Earl Fairall ;   Berker Bilgin ;   Ali Emadi

Tags switched reluctance motor single pulse operation hysteresis control efficiency map

Due to its simple construction, robust structure, and lack of magnetic source on the rotor, switched reluctance machine (SRM) is a good…

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Ultracapacitor/Battery Hybrid Energy Storage System with Real-Time Power-Mix Control Validated Experimentally in a Custom Electric Vehicle

Leonard Shao ;   Mazhar Moshirvaziri ;   Christo Malherbe ;   Andishe Moshirvaziri ;   Aliakbar Eski ;   Steve Dallas ;   Feisal Hurzook ;   Olivier Trescases

Tags Electric Vehicle Battery Management Ultra-capacitors dc-dc Converter Hybrid Energy Storage

This paper describes a new hybrid energy storage system (HESS). It includes a 25 kW dc-dc converter connected in between the 33.8 kWh…

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