An Optimal Switching Pattern for “SiC+Si” Hybrid Device based Voltage Source Converters

Tiefu Zhao ;   Jiangbiao He

Tags SiC and Si Hybrid device SiC Mosfet SiC JFET switching pattern high efficiency

In this paper, a new type of high-efficiency hybrid switching device with parallel connection of SiC and Si active switches, such as “SiC JFET +…

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New Electrical Overstress and Energy Loss Mechanisms in GaN Cascodes

Sandeep R. Bahl ;   Michael D. Seeman

Tags GaN Gallium Nitride Power Transistors Power Conversion Power Loss

Depletion-mode Gallium Nitride Field-Effect Transistors need to be cascoded with a low-voltage enhancement-mode Si FET in order to satisfy…

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New Single-Bias All-Optical ETO Configuration for a 15 kV-100A SiC Thyristor Eliminating the Turn-on Leakage Current

Hossein Riazmontazer ;   Alireza Mojab ;   Arash Rahnamaee ;   Siamak Mehrnami ;   Sudip K. Mazumder ;   Milos Zefran

Tags Emitter turn-off (ETO) Thyristor SiC

In this paper a new single-bias optically-triggered (OT) emitter-turn-off (ETO) configuration for a 15kV-100A SiC thyristor is outlined. In…

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Online Junction Temperature Measurement using Peak Gate Current

Nick Baker ;   Stig Munk-Nielsen ;   Francesco Iannuzzo ;   Marco Liserre

Tags Junction Temperature Measurement IGBT MOSFET Reliability Semiconductor Devices

A new method for online junction temperature measurement of MOS-gated power semiconductor switches is presented. The measurement method…

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Photonic Power Electronics: Past, Present, and Future

Sudip K. Mazumder

Tags Photonics power semiconductor devices optical control

In this paper, recent work related to optically-switched power semiconductor devices has been outlined. In addition, an outline on optical…

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The Next Generation 1200V Trench Clustered IGBT Technology with Improved Trade-Off Relationship

Hong Yao Long ;   Mark R. Sweet ;   Maria Merlyne De Souza ;   Ekkanath Madathil Sankara Narayanan

Tags Power devices IGBT CIGBT

In this paper, the characteristics of the next generation of 1200V trench Clustered Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (TCIGBT) in Non Punch…

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Unified Theory of Reverse Blocking Dynamics in High-Voltage Cascode Devices

Jaume Roig ;   Filip Bauwens ;   Abhishek Banerjee ;   Woochul Jeon ;   Alexander Young ;   Jason McDonald ;   Balaji Padmanabhan ;   Charlie Liu

Tags HEMT cascode GaN devices reverse blocking

This paper investigates the dynamic evolution of the internal voltages in cascode-based high-voltage devices under reverse blocking mode. For…

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