A Novel 3D Thermal Impedance Model for High Power Modules Considering Multi-Layer Thermal Coupling and Different Heating/Cooling Conditions

Amir Sajjad Bahman ;   Ke Ma ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Power IGBT module thermal impedance thermal management FEM

Since power IGBT modules play an important role in renewable energy systems like wind turbine, many researches are focused on design of more…

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A Novel Modulation Scheme and Voltage Balancing Algorithm for Modular Multilevel Converter

Apparao Dekka ;   Bin Wu ;   Navid R. Zargari

Tags Three-Level Flying Capacitor SubmodulesModular Multilevel Converter Modulation Scheme Voltage Balancing

This paper describes a novel modulation scheme and the voltage balancing algorithm for modular multilevel converter (MMC). In the present…

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Design of an Efficient Multilevel Inverter for a 1500V Railway Propulsion System Applications

Mohamed Z. Youssef ;   Mohamed Orabi ;   Mohammed Tarbouchi

Tags Transprotation Rail Traction Converters

This paper presents a new trend in the transportation industry to adopt the multilevel inverter-based propulsion systems and gives the…

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Discrete-Time Modeling and Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverter based on Equivalent Circuit

Xuanlyu Wu ;   Guochun Xiao ;   Yong Lu ;   Fengwen Chen ;   Dapeng Lu

Tags Digital control Discrete-time modeling Bifurcation

This paper presents a simplified discrete-time modeling and stability analysis method for digital controlled grid-connected inverters. Based on…

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Influence of Voltage Feed-Forward Control on Small-Signal Stability of Grid-Tied Inverters

Xuan Zhang ;   Fred Wang ;   Wenchao Cao ;   Yiwei Ma

Tags voltage feed forward PLL grid-tied inverter small-signal stability

In balanced three-phase systems, source impedance and load admittance matrices in the synchronous rotating (d-q) frame can be used to…

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Range and Misalignment Tolerance Comparisons between Two-Coil and Four-Coil Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Zhigang Dang ;   Jaber A. Abu Qahouq

Tags Model 3D model Physical Model Wireless power

Two-coil and four-coil magnetic resonance coupled wireless power transfer (MRC-WPT) system configurations are analyzed and compared in this…

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Stabilization of Multiple Unstable Modes for Small-Scale Inverter-based Power Systems with Impedance-based Stability Analysis

Changwoo Yoon ;   Xiongfei Wang ;   Claus Leth Bak ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Stability Impedance-based analysisDistributed network

When the components are merged into the power system, it is not easy to find the stable case because of the additional parameters of the…

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