An Isolated Step-Up DC – DC Converter using Series Connect Sine Amplitude Converters

Ankur Patel

Tags DC " DC converter series sine amplitude converter buck boost isolation regulation high step-up high efficiency high power density modules

Most of the available DC " DC converter solutions are buck converters. There are very few boost converters with the performance expected…

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Analysis of Dead Time Influence on Common Mode Volt-Second and Inductor Saturation in Three-Phase DC-Fed Motor Drive Systems

Xuning Zhang ;   Dushan Boroyevich ;   Rolando Burgos

Tags Inductor Saturation Volt-second EMI fitler Dead time Common Mode EMI

This paper presents a systematical analysis to predict the volt-second on the inductors of EMI filters through analytical calculation and…

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Assessment of Switching Frequency Impact on the Prediction Capability of Common-Mode EMI Emissions of SiC Power Converters using Unterminated Behavioral Models

Bingyao Sun ;   Rolando Burgos

Tags Electromagnetic interference common mode behavior model silicon carbide

With silicon carbide (SiC) devices increasing in commercial availability, high switching frequency is chosen to increase the converter power…

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DBC Switch Module for Management of Temperature and Noise in 220-W/in^3 Power Assembly

Jongwon Shin ;   Woochan Kim ;   Khai D.T. Ngo

Tags Switch module wide band gap (WBG) semiconductor SiC/GaN packaging low thermal resistance self-turn-on high power density

A switch module integrates semiconductor dies on a direct-bond copper (DBC) substrate to achieve both noise robustness and low thermal…

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Dead-Time Optimization of SiC Devices for Voltage Source Converter

Zheyu Zhang ;   Fred Wang ;   Daniel J. Costinett ;   Leon M. Tolbert ;   Benjamin J. Blalock ;   Haifeng Lu

Tags Dead-Time Optimization SiC Devices Voltage Source Converter Model based design

Dead-time in voltage source converter significantly affects the reliability, power quality and. For SiC devices, considering the high sensitivity…

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Low Profile Coupled Inductor Substrate with Fast Transient Response

Yipeng Su ;   Dongbin Hou ;   Fred C. Lee ;   Qiang Li

Tags 3D integration POL Planar coupled inductor

This paper explores the reasons behind the poor transient performance of the former planar coupled inductor. Then this structure is…

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Planar Inductor Structure with Variable Flux Distribution – A Benefit or Impediment?

Yipeng Su ;   Qiang Li ;   Fred C. Lee ;   Dongbin Hou ;   Shuojie She

Tags Planar core Non-uniform flux distribution

This paper reveals the AC flux and DC flux counterbalance phenomenon in the planar core with variable flux distribution. The saturation is not…

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