10kV SiC-based Isolated DC-DC Converter for Medium Voltage-Connected Solid-State Transformers

D. Rothmund ;   G. Ortiz ;   Th. Guillod ;   J.W. Kolar

Tags DC-DC SiC MF transformer Solid-State Transformer Dual-Active-Bridge

Silicon-carbide semiconductor technology offers the possibility to synthesize power devices with unprecedented blocking voltage capabilities…

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A Dual-Active-Bridge Converter-based High Step-Up Converter with Voltage-Multiplier for High-Efficiency PV Application

Yangjun Lu ;   Hongfei Wu ;   Yan Xing ;   Kai Sun

Tags high step-up soft switching voltage multiplier phase-shift modulation

A high step-up soft-switching converter based on combination of a dual-active-bridge (DAB) converter and a voltage multiplier is proposed…

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A Medium Voltage Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Combining Resonant and Dual Active Bridge Converters

Li Wang ;   Qianlai Zhu ;   Wensong Yu ;   Alex Q. Huang

Tags Solid State Transformer Resonant Converter Dual Active Bridge Converter Bi-directional dc-dc Converter

In this paper, an isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter for medium voltage application is proposed that combines the resonant converter and…

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A Novel Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for Distributed Energy Storage Device

Fei Xue ;   Ruiyang Yu ;   Wensong Yu ;   Alex Q. Huang ;   Yu Du

Tags Energy storage device push-pull active clamp isolated bidirectional converter

A novel high efficiency bidirectional dc"dc converter for distributed energy storage device is proposed combining the merits of DAB, push-pull…

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Capacitor Coupled Transformer-Less DC-DC Boost Converter with Large Conversion Ratios

Parikshith Channegowda ;   Giri Venkataramanan

Tags DC-DC power converters Photovoltaic systems

Voltage multiplier circuits are often used to achieve conversion ratios higher than can be possible with magnetic transformers. The series…

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Efficient High Step-Up Topology for Renewable Energy Source Interfacing

Giorgio Spiazzi ;   Simone Buso ;   Davide Biadene

Tags High step-up converters Resonant converters Interleaved boost

The paper presents the complete analysis and design procedure for an interleaved, isolated resonant boost converter. The topology is…

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ZVS Double-Side LCC Compensated Resonant Inverter with Magnetic Integration for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charger

Junjun Deng ;   Fei Lu ;   Weihan Li ;   Ruiqing Ma ;   Chris Mi

Tags Soft-switching Resonant Converter Wireless Power Transfer EV charger

This paper investigates the impact of inductance variation in a magnetic integrated double-side LCC compensated wireless power transfer…

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