4H-SiC 15kV n-IGBT Physics-based Sub-Circuit Model Implemented in Simulink/Matlab

Meng-Chia Lee ;   Gangyao Wang ;   Alex Q. Huang

Tags 4H-SiC IGBT modeling sub-circuit temperature turn-on turn-off

A novel physics-based 15kV 4H-SiC n-IGBT model with temperature dependence is presented. SiC unique two-phase voltage ramp during the…

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A Finite Differential Method based IGBT Model in PSPICE

Puqi Ning ;   Jinlei Meng ;   Xuhui Wen

Tags IGBT model PSPICE

Other than the conventional Fourier model, the carrier diffusion equation which retains the distributed nature of charge dynamics in power…

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A Knowledge-based Magnetic Component Design System with Finite Element Analysis Integration

Samira Janghorban ;   Qingmai Wang ;   Donald Grahame Holmes ;   Xinghuo Yu

Tags magnetic component design advisor system FEA automatization

This paper proposes a novel inductor/transformer design support system that seamlessly integrates a knowledge-based design advisor and a…

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An Accurate Matlab/Simulink based SiC MOSFET Model for Power Converter Applications

Georgios Kampitsis ;   Michail Antivachis ;   Sotirios Kokosis ;   Stavros Papathanassiou ;   Stefanos Manias

Tags Power MOSFET Silicon Carbide (SiC) Modeling Simulation Parameter Extraction Matlab/Simulink

An analytical model of a SiC power DMOSFET is developed in Matlab/Simulink, intended for high performance converter simulations. The proposed…

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Experimental Modeling and Analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery Temperature Dependence

Ala A. Hussein

Tags Battery capacity internal resistance open-circuit voltage state of charge temperature.

The majority of dynamic battery models are derived at only one single temperature (room temperature), which can easily lead to failure in…

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On-Chip Three-Phase Coupled Power Inductor for Switching Power Converters

Zhigang Dang ;   Jaber A. Abu Qahouq

Tags Inductor model coupled inductor buck DC-DC

This paper presents an on-chip three-phase coupled power inductor (3-CPI) structure which consists of a layer of ferrite core material and…

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Permanent Magnet Power Inductor with EE Core for Switching Power Converters

Zhigang Dang ;   Jaber A. Abu Qahouq

Tags 3D model Power Inductor Magnet

This paper presents a 14mm×7mm×5mm EE core ~760nH power inductor (PI) with a permanent magnet (EE-PMPI). By using a small piece of the…

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Surface Temperature Estimation of Li-Ion Battery via Thermal Impulse Response Technique

Ying Xiao ;   Dimitri Torregrossa ;   Mario Paolone

Tags Temperature Estimation Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System

This paper focuses on the prediction of temperature profiles on the surface of Lithium-ion cells. In particular, the paper proposes the…

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Temperature-Dependent Performance of Lithium Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles

Xianzhi Gong ;   Chris Mi

Tags Lithium-ion battery Temperature Modeling

The available driving range of electric vehicles is strongly affected by environmental temperatures. The primary cause is the poor…

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