A Fault Tolerant Operation Technique for STATCOMs based on Star-Connected Cascaded H-Bridges Multilevel Converter

Chia-Tse Lee ;   Hsin-Chih Chen ;   Ping-Heng Wu ;   Ching-Wei Wang ;   Ching-Hsiang Yang ;   Po-Tai Cheng

Tags cascade converters fault-tolerant control neutral shift STATCOM voltage balancing control

The PWM converter is like a current-control voltage source, and MMCC-SSBC converter averagely separates the required output voltage into…

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A Gallium Nitride Device based Switched Capacitor Multilevel Converter for UPS Applications

Mohammed Alsolami ;   Mark Scott ;   Jin Wang

Tags UPS Gan devices Switched capacitor Multilevel Multiport Converter

A single phase multilevel inverter, three-port, switched capacitor circuit based on gallium nitride devices for UPS applications is proposed in…

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A New Hybrid Power Electronics On-Load Tap Changer for Power Transformer

Nan Chen ;   Lars E. Jonsson

Tags OLTC transformer tap changer IGBT SCR

Traditional power transformer on-load tap changer (OLTC) works with mechanical switches have issues of electrical contact and mechanical…

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A Novel Control Strategy of a Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) based VSC-HVDC Transmission System

Shenghui Cui ;   Jae-Jung Jung ;   Younggi Lee ;   Seung-Ki Sul

Tags modular multilevel converter (MMC) VSC-HVDC power flow decoupling

In the conventional control strategy of the VSC-HVDC system based on the MMC, direct modulation was employed and the terminal behavior of…

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An Evaluation of Selected Solid-State Transformer Topologies for Electric Distribution Systems

Roderick J. Garcia Montoya ;   Adithya Mallela ;   Juan Carlos Balda

Tags Solid-state transformer high-frequency transformer design leakage inductance DC-DC converters boost converter

The main goal of this paper is to evaluate selected SST topologies including a new SST topology based on boost converters in order to…

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Auxiliary Power Supply for Solid State Transformer with Ultra High Voltage Capacitive Driving

Sheng Zong ;   Qianlai Zhu ;   Wensong Yu ;   Alex Q. Huang

Tags Auxiliary Power Supply High Voltage Capacitive Driving Solid state transformerISOP

This paper proposes an auxiliary power supply (APS) for solid state transformers (SST), which is able to handle extremely high input voltage…

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Double-Clamp Cell with Reduced Losses for DC Short-Circuit Current Limitation in MMC

Alberto Zapico ;   Mario López ;   Fernando Briz ;   David Reigosa

Tags Modular Multilevel Converter fault tolerant ride through

MMC is a promising technology for medium-high voltage DC/AC multilevel converters, which is adequate for HVDC transmission systems. Among the…

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Operation and Control of MMCs using Cells with Power Transfer Capability

Fernando Briz ;   Mario López ;   Alberto Zapico ;   Alberto Rodríguez ;   David Díaz-Reigosa

Tags Modular Multilevel Converter Medium Voltage Power Converter Solid State Transformer

Cells in Conventional Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) designs use a capacitor for energy storage. This means that the net power balance…

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Start-Up Scheme for Solid State Transformers Connected to Medium Voltage Grids

Krishna Mainali ;   Sachin Madhusoodhanan ;   Awneesh Tripathi ;   Dhaval Patel ;   Subhashish Bhattacharya

Tags Solid State Transformers Medium voltage

The development of the high voltage wideband gap semiconductor SiC power devices have enabled the solid state transformer (SST) technology…

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