A 110-V AC, 17.1-W Multi-Segmented LED Driver with 96.2% Power Factor

Taehoon Jeong ;   Jaeha Kim

Tags AC LED Driver Boost Converter Power Factor Correction Modular Load Switching Manufacturing Cost Reduction Time-Multiplexing Switch Control

This paper presents an AC-powered, boost-converter LED driver that can be implemented with low-inductance inductor and low-voltage…

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A Novel Bipolar Series Ripple Compensation Method for Single-Stage High-Power LED Driver

Yajie Qiu ;   Laili Wang ;   Yan-Fei Liu ;   P.C. Sen

Tags LED driver high-power single-stage electrolytic-capacitor-free flicker-free series compensation

It has been well documented that series compensation (SC) configuration can significantly reduce the total output capacitance of LED driver…

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A Novel Passive Type LED Driver for Static LED Power Regulation by Multi-Stage Switching Circuits

Eun S. Lee ;   Duy T. Nguyen ;   Chun T. Rim

Tags passive-type LED driver static LED power regulation multi-stage switching circuits

A novel passive-type LED driver that can regulate LED power PL statically for the source voltage Vs variation is proposed. Contrary to…

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A Ring Diode-Capacitor Network for Current-Balancing Multiple LED Strings

Ruihong Zhang ;   Henry Shu-Hung Chung

Tags Lighting technology LED driver Current balancing diode-capacitor network

A ring diode-capacitor network for current-balancing multiple LED strings will be presented. The concept is based on utilizing the…

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A Scalable HB-LED Driver for Multi-Color Adaptive Lighting Systems

Kumar Modepalli ;   Leila Parsa

Tags SIMO converter Buck ConverterLED drivers Adaptive Lighting systemsDynamic Lighting systemsLED string balance Charge Control

In this paper a HB- LED driver that can drive multi – color HB-LED strings using Single Inductor Multiple Current Output (SIMCO) buck…

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High Efficiency Hybrid Current Balancing Method for Multi-Channel LED Drive

Rongrong Zhao ;   Junming Zhang

Tags Multi-output LED driverCurrent balancing method Hybrid LLC high efficiency

a novel hybrid current balancing method for multi-channel LED drive based on quasi-two-stage converter are proposed. In the proposed…

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Line-Frequency Dual Input-Voltage-Level LED Driver

Tsorng-Juu Liang ;   Jyun-Peng Wu ;   Wei-Ching Tseng ;   Po-Yen Lin ;   Sheng-Ju Chen

Tags light emitter diode

In this paper, a line-frequency dual input-voltage-level LED driver is proposed. The conventional AC LED topologies are operated with single…

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Single Stage Switched Capacitor LED Driver with High Power Factor and Reduced Current Ripple

Esio Eloi ;   Edilson Mineiro Sá Jr. ;   Rodrigo Linhares Dos Santos ;   Pedro A. Miranda ;   Fernando L.M. Antunes

Tags LED lighting Power factor correction LED driver resonant switched capacitor

This paper presents a switched capacitor-based converter to drive high power light emitting diodes (LEDs). Unlike the traditional switched…

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The LED Driver Compatible with Electronic Ballasts by Variable Switched Capacitor

Duy T. Nguyen ;   Eun S. Lee ;   Chun T. Rim

Tags Variable switched capacitor LED driver electronic ballast zero voltage switching

An LED driver compatible with most electronic ballasts commercially used is newly proposed, which adopts a variable switched capacitor by…

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