A Discontinuous PWM Strategy Optimized for High-Frequency Pulsating-DC Link Inverters

Arash Rahnamaee ;   Hossein Riazmontazer ;   Alireza Mojab ;   Sudip K. Mazumder ;   Milos Zefran

Tags High-frequency link inverters modulation dc/ac

This paper presents a discontinuous pulse width modulation (PWM) scheme optimized for three-phase high-frequency pulsating-dc link (HFPDCL)…

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A New Hybrid Active Neutral Point Clamped Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter

Roozbeh Naderi ;   Keyue Smedley

Tags Multilevel Inverters Hybrid Inverters Flying Capacitor Neutral Point Clamped Capacitor Voltage Balancing

This paper proposes a new five-level hybrid topology combining features of neutral point clamped and flying capacitor inverters. The proposed…

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An Active Filter Method to Eliminate DC-Side Low-Frequency Power for Single-Phase Quasi-Z Source Inverter

Baoming Ge ;   Haitham Abu-Rub ;   Yushan Liu ;   Robert S. Balog

Tags DC-AC Inverter Single phase system

The second harmonic pulsating power flows through dc side of single-phase quasi-Z-source inverter (qZSI), which causes bulky capacitor banks…

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Design Considerations for a Voltage-Boosting DC-AC Modular Multilevel Converter

Justin Reed ;   Giri Venkataramanan ;   Dionisio Ramírez ;   Carlos Soriano

Tags DC-AC Converter M2C Modular Multilevel Converter Dynamic Model Dynamic Phasor Model Multilevel Converters

The Modular Multilevel Converter (M2C) is a relatively recent addition to the family of multilevel power converters. This paper describes the…

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Minimized Quasi-Z Source Network for Single-Phase Inverter

Baoming Ge ;   Haitham Abu-Rub ;   Yushan Liu ;   Robert S. Balog

Tags DC-AC Inverter Single phase system

The single-phase quasi-Z source inverter topology (qZSI) is attracting attentions for the single-phase grid-tie photovoltaic applications….

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New Modular Multilevel Converter with Power Channels between Upper- and Lower Arms Suitable for MV Drives

Liqun He ;   Kai Zhang ;   Jian Xiong ;   Shengfang Fan ;   Xiaosen Chen ;   Yaosuo Xue

Tags Modular Multilevel Converter Medium Voltage Drives Power Channel

When a modular multilevel converter (MMC) is operated at low frequencies, the submodule (SM) capacitors will suffer from huge voltage…

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Practical Implementation of Dual Purpose No Voltage Drives for Bearingless Motors

Eric Severson ;   Srikant Gandikota ;   Ned Mohan

Tags bearingless motors magnetic bearings power electronics two level inverters dual purpose windings

Practical implementations of the power electronics required to operate bearingless machines with so-called “dual purpose no voltage" (DPNV)…

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Ripple Voltage Minimization in Single Phase Floating Bridge Converter Modules using a Transformer Coupled Asymmetrical Bridge Converter

R. Ul Haque ;   S. Leng ;   N. Perera ;   J. Salmon

Tags ripple voltage minimization multi module converter

A method for reducing the capacitor size used in single phase floating capacitor voltage source converter modules is presented. The…

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Space-Vector-Modulated for Z-Source Three-Level T-Type Converter with Neutral Voltage Balancing

Xiangyang Xing ;   Alian Chen ;   Weisheng Wang ;   Chenghui Zhang ;   Yuzhuo Li ;   Chunshui Du

Tags Z-source three-level T-type converter boosting gain balance the neutral-point potential voltage

The Z-source three-level T-type converter(3LT2C) is proposed for low-voltage applications. The traditional space vector modulation (SVM)…

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