A Gate Drive Circuit with Mid-Level Voltage for GaN Transistors in a 7-MHz Isolated Resonant Converter

Zhou Dong ;   Zhiliang Zhang ;   Xiaoyong Ren ;   Xinbo Ruan ;   Yan-Fei Liu

Tags GaN transistor gate driver resonant converter ZVS

This paper analyzes the drive requirements of Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistor as control FET in resonant converters in the range of…

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A Self-Powered Ultra-Fast DC Solid State Circuit Breaker using a Normally-on SiC JFET

Zhenyu Miao ;   Gourab Sabui ;   Aozhu Chen ;   Yan Li ;   Z. John Shen ;   Jun Wang ;   Zhikang Shuai ;   An Luo ;   Xin Yin ;   Mengxuan Jiang

Tags Wide bandgap semiconductor solid state circuit breaker power devices

This paper introduces a new self-powered solid state circuit breaker (SSCB) concept using a normally-on SiC JFET as the main static switch…

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Active Gate Driver for Fast Switching and Cross-Talk Suppression of SiC Devices in a Phase-Leg Configuration

Zheyu Zhang ;   Fred Wang ;   Leon M. Tolbert ;   Benjamin J. Blalock ;   Daniel J. Costinett

Tags Active Gate Driver Fast Switching Cross Talk Suppression SiC

This paper presents an active gate driver for Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices to fully utilize their potentials of high switching-speed capability…

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Closed-Loop Control of Switching Transition of SiC MOSFETs

Hossein Riazmontazer ;   Arash Rahnamaee ;   Alireza Mojab ;   Siamak Mehrnami ;   Sudip K. Mazumder ;   Milos Zefran

Tags Gate drive SiC active gate control

This paper presents a novel closed-loop active gate driver for high-voltage SiC MOSFETs. The proposed controller independently adjusts the…

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Effectively Paralleling Gallium Nitride Transistors for High Current and High Frequency Applications

David Reusch ;   Johan Strydom

Tags GaN Paralleling Wide Bandgap

GaN based power devices are being adopted for their ability to operate at switching frequencies beyond the capability of silicon power…

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Evaluation of 1.2 kV, 100A SiC Modules for High-Frequency, High-Temperature Applications

Andrew Lemmon ;   Ryan Graves ;   James Gafford

Tags Silicon Carbide module high-temperature high-frequency gate-drive

Cumulative advances in substrate quality and device manufacturing yields over the past few years have paved the way for the commercial…

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GaN-based High Frequency Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC Design with Digital Implementation

Lingxiao Xue ;   Zhiyu Shen ;   Dushan Boroyevich ;   Paolo Mattavelli

Tags GaN Power Factor Correction Bidirectional Zero crossing Totem-Pole Bridgeless Modulator

Totem-pole bridgeless PFC is a very promising topology for GaN devices because of very low reverse recovery. However, inherent challenges…

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Loss Analysis During Dead Time and Thermal Study of Gallium Nitride Devices

Haiyu Zhang ;   Robert S. Balog

Tags GaN FETs body diodes reverse conduction loss thermal study resonant converter

By virtue of the advantages in breakdown field strength and saturated electron speed, gallium nitride field-effect transistors (GaN FETs)…

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Paralleling GaN HEMTs for Diode-Free Bridge Power Converters

Zhan Wang ;   Yifeng Wu ;   Jim Honea ;   Liang Zhou

Tags GaN HEMT leaded package Parallel bridge

GaN devices have superior performance over Si-based devices, and high voltage normally-off GaN HEMTs with cascode structure have been…

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