A 13.8-kV 4.75-MVA Microgrid Laboratory Test Bed

Yusi Liu ;   Chris Farnell ;   Juan Carlos Balda ;   H. Alan Mantooth

Tags microgrid test bed high power emulators

Microgrid concepts and applications have become more promising during recent years. The design and hardware realization of a microgrid…

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A Non-Isolated Bidirectional Soft Switching Current fed LCL Resonant DC/DC Converter to Interface Energy Storage in DC Microgrid

Devendra Patil ;   Akshay K. Rathore ;   Dipti Srinivasan

Tags Current-fed converter Soft-switching Resonance High gain Bidirectional

This paper proposes a non-isolated soft-switching current-fed LCL bidirectional dc/dc converter for interfacing energy storage in DC…

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A Scalable DC Microgrid Architecture for Rural Electrification in Emerging Regions

P. Achintya Madduri ;   Jason Poon ;   Javier Rosa ;   Matthew Podolsky ;   Eric Brewer ;   Seth Sanders

Tags DC microgrids distributed generation distributed control rural electrification

We present the design and experimental validation of a scalable dc microgrid architecture for rural electrification. The microgrid design has…

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DC Electric Springs – An Emerging Technology for DC Grids

Kwan-Tat Mok ;   Ming-Hao Wang ;   Siew-Chong Tan ;   Shu-Yuen (Ron) Hui

Tags DC Grids microgrids electric springs

There is widespread attention on integrating renewable energy sources, such as the solar power, to DC distributed power systems and DC…

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Distributed Energy Storage Device Integration with Three Phase Distribution Grid using a Transformerless Intelligent Power Substation

Sachin Madhusoodhanan ;   Awneesh Tripathi ;   Krishna Mainali ;   Dhaval Patel ;   Arun Kadavelugu ;   Subhashish Bhattacharya

Tags Distributed energy storage device Medium voltage grid tie Renewable energy integration Silicon Carbide Solid state transformer

The advent of SiC devices has resulted in the development of 3-phase, Medium Voltage grid tied SSTs. One such SST is the 100 kVA TIPS based…

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Energy Management Strategy for Supercapacitor in Autonomous DC Microgrid using Virtual Impedance

Yuru Zhang ;   Yunwei Li

Tags Supercapacitor Virtual Impedance Autonomous DC Microgrid

With a proper energy management strategy (EMS), supercapacitor can be integrated into autonomous DC microgrid as an independent energy…

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Naturally Clamped Snubberless Soft-Switching Bidirectional Current-Fed Three-Phase Push-Pull DC/DC Converter for DC Micro-Grid Application

Satarupa Bal ;   Akshay K. Rathore ;   Dipti Srinivasan

Tags Renewable energy Microgrid Power electronics Soft switching DC/DC Converter

A naturally clamped soft-switching three-phase current-fed push-pull bidirectional DC/DC converter with current-fed inverter at Low Voltage…

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Stability Analysis and Controller Design of DC Microgrids with Constant Power Loads

Luis Herrera ;   Jin Wang

Tags DC Microgrids Microgrids Control Stability Robust Control

The main focus of this work is to study the stability of power converters based dc microgrids. These high switching frequency converters…

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Stationary-Frame-based Generalized Control Diagram for PWM AC-DC Front-End Converters with Unbalanced Grid Voltage in Renewable Energy Systems

Yiqi Liu ;   Ningning Li ;   Yu Fu ;   Jianze Wang ;   Yanchao Ji

Tags stationary-framefront-end converters generalized control unbalanced grid

In this paper, a stationary-frame-based generalized control diagram for PWM AC-DC front-end converter is presented. During the unbalanced…

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