A High Efficiency Cascaded Thermoelectric Generation System with Power Balancing Mechanism

Zhaoxin Qiu ;   Kai Sun ;   Hongfei Wu ;   Jun Huang ;   Yan Xing

Tags power balancing cascaded thermoelectric generation

A cascaded TEG system is developed, which includes the cascaded architecture and the power balancing mechanism. In the system architecture,…

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A MOSFET Transformerless Inverter with Reactive Power Capability for Micro-Inverter Applications

Baifeng Chen ;   Cong Zheng ;   Bin Gu ;   Lanhua Zhang ;   Jih-Sheng Lai

Tags Transformer-less inverter microinverter

The state-of-the-art transformerless inverters can use MOSFET to achieve high efficiency, but difficult to do reactive power generation for…

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A New Multi-Input Three-Level Integrated DC/DC Converter for Renewable Energy Systems

Serkan Dusmez ;   Xiong Li ;   Bilal Akin

Tags Multi-input converter three-level dc/dc converter renewable energy systems

This paper proposes a new multi-input isolated three-level converter for renewable and sustainable energy systems. Multiple dc sources are…

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A Single-Step, Single-Inductor Energy-Harvesting-based Power Supply Platform with a Regulated Battery Charger for Mobile Applications

Ahmed A. Abdelmoaty ;   Ayman Fayed

Tags Energy Harvesting Photovoltaic Single Inductor MPPT Battery Charger CCCV Power Supply Mobile Applications

An energy-harvesting-based power supply platform for mobile applications such as cell phones and tablets is presented. The proposed platform…

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Low Power Integrated On-Chip Current to Digital Converter

Edgar Marti-Arbona ;   Debashis Mandal ;   Bertan Bakkaloglu ;   Sayfe Kiaei

Tags DC-DC converter current sensor PV MPPT data converter.

Integrated and efficient maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a critical need in the photo-voltaic power generation system. One of the key…

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