Digital I^2 Average Current Mode Control for Swith-Mode Power Supplies

Siyu He ;   R.M. Nelms

Tags Digital Control I2 average current mode control

In this paper, the digital control law of I2 average current mode control, which only requires sampling the inductor current once in a cycle, is…

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Input Voltage Ripple based Sensorless Current Sharing Auto-Tuning Controller for Multiphase DC-DC Converters

Wangxin Huang ;   Jaber A. Abu Qahouq

Tags Multiphase Interleaved DC-DC Current Sharing Control

Current sharing is commonly used in multiphase converters in order to ensure equal current distribution between converter phases….

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Introducing State-Trajectory Control for the Synchronous Interleaved Boost Converter

Rafael Peña-Alzola ;   Peter Ksiazek ;   Martin Ordonez ;   Huai Wang ;   Frede Blaabjerg

Tags Introducing State-Trajectory Control for the Interleaved Boost Converter

Synchronous interleaved boost converters (SIBCs) result in lower ripple currents and bidirectional power flow. The boost topology has a…

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Reconfigurable Bi-Frequency DPWM with Custom Spectral Shaping in a Synchronous Buck Converter

Santanu Kapat

Tags Spread Spectrum Digital PWM Voltage Mode Control EMI

This paper proposes a bi-frequency DPWM controller which uses two discrete frequencies as guided by a modulating signal fm(t). Fourier…

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Soft Start-Up for High Frequency LLC Resonant Converter with Optimal Trajectory Control

Chao Fei ;   Fred C. Lee ;   Qiang Li

Tags optimal trajectory control soft start-up LLC resonant converter digital control

This paper investigates the soft start-up for high frequency LLC resonant converter with optimal trajectory control. Two methods are…

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