Design of Integrated Transformer and Inductor for High Frequency Dual Active Bridge GaN Charger for PHEV

Mingkai Mu ;   Lingxiao Xue ;   Dushan Boroyevich ;   Brian Hughes ;   Paolo Mattavelli

Tags Transformer Integration DAB High frequency

This paper discusses the design of high power density transformer and inductor for the high frequency dual active bridge (DAB) GaN charger….

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Interleaved SEPIC PFC Converter using Coupled Inductors in PEV Battery Charging Applications

Haoyu Wang ;   Alireza Khaligh

Tags Coupled inductor interleaved LLC maximum efficiency point tracking PEV PFC SEPIC

In ac/dc power factor correction (PFC) applications, where a wide range dc link voltage is required, boost derived topologies are no longer…

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Output Power and Efficiency Sensitivity to Circuit Parameter Variations in Double-Sided LCC-Compensated Wireless Power Transfer System

Fei Lu ;   Heath Hofmann ;   Junjun Deng ;   Chris Mi

Tags System Sensitivity Parameter Variation LCC Compensated WPT Exhaustive Method Monte-Carlo Method Frequency Response

In this paper, the output power and efficiency sensitivity to circuit parameter variations is studied for the LCC compensated wireless power…

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The Optimal Design of GaN-based Dual Active Bridge for Bi-Directional Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Charger

Lingxiao Xue ;   Mingkai Mu ;   Dushan Boroyevich ;   Paolo Mattavelli

Tags Gallium Nitride battery charger Dual active bridge

a high frequency, high efficiency bi-directional battery charger for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is built with high voltage…

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Wireless Power Transfer via Harmonic Current for Electric Vehicles Application

Hulong Zeng ;   Shuitao Yang ;   Fangzheng Peng

Tags Wireless power transfer electric vehicles harmonic

This paper proposes a new wireless power transfer method for electric vehicles (EV) application, where the power is transferred by means of…

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