Copper Loss Minimizing Control of Doubly Fed Wound Machine

Yongsu Han ;   Jung-Ik Ha

Tags Doubly Fed Wound Machine Copper Loss Minimizing Control

For efficient control of electrical machines, it is necessary to generate a current command set that satisfies a minimum copper loss…

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Direct Torque Control of IPMSM Driven by a Three Level NPC Inverter with Torque and Capacitor Voltage Ripple Reduction

Deepu Mohan ;   Zhang Xinan ;   Gilbert Foo

Tags Direct Torque Control Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Neutral Point Clamped Inverter Torque ripple reduction

A novel three-level neutral point clamped (3L-NPC) inverter based direct torque control scheme, which minimizes torque ripples and neutral…

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Model Predictive Control of Induction Motor with Delay Time Compensation: An Experimental Assessment

Muslem Uddin ;   Saad Mekhilef ;   Mutsuo Nakaoka ;   Marco Rivera

Tags Predictive Control Power Converter Delay Compensation Induction Motor

This paper proposes an optimum switching selection based model predictive control (MPC) of induction motor (IM) at high and low speed…

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Small-Signal Modeling, Analysis and Testing of Parallel Three-Phase-Inverters with a Novel Autonomous Current Sharing Controller

Yajuan Guan ;   Juan C. Vasquez ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Ernane Antônio Alves Coelho

Tags three-phase parallel inverters modeling Autonomous current control

A novel simple and effective autonomous current-sharing controller for parallel three-phase inverters is employed in this paper. The novel…

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Subharmonic Reduction for Six Step Operation of Three-Phase Inverter

Ziwei Ke ;   Julia Zhang

Tags Subharmonics Six Step Operation Inverters Motor Drives High Speed Operation

Comparing with the pulse width modulation (PWM) operation, the six step operation is frequently applied in an AC electric machine drive system…

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