A Novel Variable Duty Cycle Control to Achieve Optimal Reduction of the Electrolytic Capacitor Ripple Current for DCM Boost PFC Converter

Kai Yao ;   Xincheng Hu ;   Wenbin Hu ;   Weijie Tang ;   Jianguo Lyu

Tags DCM boost PFC 3rd harmonic current electrolytic capacitor ripple current variable duty cycle

In PFC converter, an electrolytic capacitor (E-Cap) is usually used, which has the shortest lifetime. The mathematical relationship between the…

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Analysis and Design of DCM SEPIC PFC with Adjustable Output Voltage

Rui Chen ;   Jih-Sheng Lai

Tags SEPIC PFC DCM Coupled Inductor Notch filter PR controller adjustable output voltage

A non-isolated hard switching DCM SEPIC PFC with adjustable output voltage is analyzed and designed. With PWM switching averaged model, DC-DC…

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Analysis, Modeling and Design of a True Bridgeless Single Stage PFC with Galvanic Isolation

Simon Nigsch ;   Slobodan Cuk ;   Kurt Schenk

Tags PFC Single Stage Bridgeless Analysis Control Design Highest Efficiency

Power Factor Correction (PFC) has been established for a long time to fulfill the harmonic standards. To meet the demand for a compact,…

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Design Improvements for Primary-Side-Regulated High-Power Flyback Converters in Continuous-Conduction-Mode

Bernard Keogh ;   Billy Long ;   Joe Leisten

Tags Flyback PSR CCM Primary Side Sensing

Primary-Side-Regulation (PSR) indirectly senses output voltage, to eliminate the secondary-side error amplifier and feedback opto-coupler "…

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High-Power-Factor Quasi-Resonant Flyback Converters Draw Sinusoidal Input Current

Claudio Adragna ;   Giovanni Gritti

Tags Quasi-Resonant Flyback Converters

This paper presents a novel control methodology that enables high-power-factor quasi-resonant flyback converters with peak current mode…

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