A 100-V 2-MHz Isolated QSW-ZVS Three-Level DC-DC Converter with On-Chip Dynamic Dead-Time Controlled Synchronous Gate Driver for eGaN Power FETs

Jing Xue ;   Lin Cong ;   Hoi Lee

Tags DC-DC converter isolated three-level half-bridge converter three-level synchronous gate driver

This paper presents techniques for high-voltage converters to achieve high power efficiency at high switching frequency. A quasi-square-wave…

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A Configurable Power Management IC for Low-Volume DC-DC Converter Applications with High Frequency Current Programmed Mode Control

S M Ahsanuzzaman ;   David A. Johns ;   Aleksandar Prodic

Tags Power Management Module Low Volume Low Power Switched Capacitor Portable Applications

This paper introduces a power management IC (PMIC) targeted for wide range of dc-dc converter applications where low volume implementation…

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An On-Chip Integrated Auto-Tuned Hybrid Current-Sensor for High-Frequency Low-Power DC-DC Converters

S M Ahsanuzzaman ;   Aleksandar Prodi?

Tags Current Sensor Sensorless Current Sensing Auto-tuning Current Sensor High-Frequency Current Sensing Dc-Dc Converter

This paper introduces an on-chip implemented self-tuning current sensing circuit for integrated dc-dc converters. The circuit eliminates the…

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Analysis and Design of a 30 MHz Resonant SEPIC Converter

Jingya Lin ;   Yuan Zhou ;   Zhiliang Zhang ;   Xinbo Ruan ;   Yan-Fei Liu

Tags VHF SEPIC design method PCB inductor

This paper presents the analysis and design of a resonant SEPIC converter with 30 MHz. With the conventional design method, tuning the…

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Comparison of a 12V, 10A, 3MHz Buck Converter and a Series Capacitor Buck Converter

Pradeep S. Shenoy ;   Mike Amaro ;   Dave Freeman ;   Jeff Morroni

Tags high frequency conversion dc-dc converter high conversion ratio high current switched capacitor buck converter series capacitor buck

This paper presents a theoretical and experimental comparison of a two-phase buck converter and a two-phase, series capacitor (SC) buck…

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