Beyond Time Optimal Performance using SIMO DC-DC Converters in Dynamic Voltage Scaling

Santanu Kapat

Tags dc-dc converter dynamic voltage scaling SIMO converters time optimal control

This paper formulates time optimal performance of existing DVS architectures, such as using single buck, multi-phase buck, and multiple buck…

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Control of Input-Series and Output-Independent Power Converter Building Block System based on Buck Converter Topology

Ye Li ;   Yehui Han

Tags ISOI SIMO Modular Converter System Battery Building Block System Control Battery Management System

A modularized battery system made up of integrated battery building blocks has been brought into sight recently. The battery building block…

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Controller Scalability Methods for Digital Point of Load Converters

Marco Meola ;   Alessandro Cinti ;   Anthony Kelly

Tags DC-DC converter POL Digital control Tuning Scalability

Unmodeled dynamics cause DC-DC controller design to be an iterative procedure where controller parameters are tuned and re-tuned to…

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DCM Control Scheme for Single-Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter with No Cross-Regulation

Wangxin Huang ;   Jaber A. Abu Qahouq ;   Zhigang Dang ;   Christopher Johnson

Tags Control DC-DC Multi-output Cross-Regulation

Single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) switching DC-DC power converter architecture is a cost-effective alternative to multiple individual…

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Dual-Loop Geometric-based Control of Buck Converters

Ignacio Galiano Zurbriggen ;   Matias Anun ;   Martin Ordonez

Tags Buck converter Geometric control Dual-loop Feed-forward

Voltage mode and dual-loop current-mode linear controllers are widely used in buck converters due to their simple implementation and fixed…

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Fast Adaptive on Time Control for Transient Performance Improvement

Syed Bari ;   Qiang Li ;   Fred C. Lee

Tags constant on time control transient response undershoot overshoot

The objective of this paper is to improve the load transient performance of the constant on time control. In this paper a simple circuit is…

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Overview, Equivalences and Design Guidelines of v^1 Concept: A Voltage Mode Control that Behaves as a Current-Mode with Near Time-Optimal Response

Jorge Cortés ;   Vladimir Švikovi? ;   Pedro Alou ;   Jesús A. Oliver ;   José A. Cobos

Tags v1 v2 v2ic voltage mode control

This paper summarizes the proposed v1 concept, that explains how by only measuring the output voltage, designers have information about…

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Switching-Cycle Capacitor Voltage Control for the Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converters

Jun Wang ;   Rolando Burgos ;   Dushan Boroyevich

Tags Modular Multilevel Converters Switching-Cycle Control

This paper presents a Switching-Cycle Capacitor Voltage Control (SCCVC) scheme that can be used in realizing the capacitor voltage balancing…

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Variable Switching Noise Mitigation in Hysteretic Power Converters using Spur-Free Control

Mina Nashed ;   Ayman Fayed

Tags Hysteretic Control Buck Converters Noise Spectrum Spurs

This paper introduces a spur-free control scheme for hysteretic power converters that results in a spur-free switching noise spectrum…

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