Design of Current Observer based on Generalized Model of Multiphase Boost Converter

Li Wei ;   Difu Zhan ;   Yongtao Yao ;   Yicheng Zhang

Tags Multi-phase boost converter small signal modelcurrent observer continuous conduct mode

Multiphase Boost Converter (MBC) is widely applied in DC systems such as fuel cells and super capacitors. However complexity of MBC system…

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Discrete-Time Modelling, Stability Analysis, and Active Stabilization of DC Distribution Systems with Constant Power Loads

Mehdi Karbalaye Zadeh ;   Roghayeh Gavagsaz-Ghoachani ;   J-Ph. Martin ;   Serge Pierfederici ;   Babak Nahid-Mobarakeh ;   Marta Molinas

Tags Stability analysis Modelling DC distribution system Stabilizer Transportation systems

This paper will discuss the stability of a dc distribution system supplying multi-converter fed loads. The load converters are tightly…

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Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Consensus Algorithm based Distributed Hierarchical Control for DC Microgrids

Lexuan Meng ;   Tomislav Dragicevic ;   Juan C. Vasquez ;   Josep M. Guerrero ;   Javier Roldán Pérez

Tags DC microgrids DC/DC converters consensus algorithm distributed hierarchical control discrete-time modeling

Distributed control methods for microgrid systems become a popular topic in recent years. Distributed algorithms, such as consensus…

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New ZVS Analysis of PWM Converters Applied to Super-Junction, GaN and SiC Power FETs

Rais Miftakhutdinov

Tags Gallium Nitride (GaN) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Super Junction Devices ZVS Converters Soft Switching

High efficiency and power density conversion requires minimizing switching losses associated with power FET Coss recharging. Experiments show…

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On Limit Cycle Oscillations in Discrete-Time Digital Linear Regulators

Saad Bin Nasir ;   Arijit Raychowdhury

Tags low drop-out (LDO) discrete time digital linear regulator on-chip power delivery limit-cycle oscillations.

Increasing level of transistor integration with multiple voltage domains and power states, ever decreasing decoupling capacitance, fast load…

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Real-Time Model-based Fault Diagnosis for Switching Power Converters

Jason Poon ;   Ioannis C. Konstantakopoulos ;   Costas Spanos ;   Seth R. Sanders

Tags fault detection fault diagnosis model-based switching power converters real-time simulation observers

We present the analysis, design, and experimental implementation of a fault diagnosis method for switching power converters using a…

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Reduced Order Discrete Time Modeling of ZVS Transition Dynamics in the Dual Active Bridge Converter

Daniel Costinett

Tags Dual Active Bridge Discrete Time Zero Voltage Switching

A concise, analytical method for incorporating the effects of zero voltage switching (ZVS) interval dynamics in small-signal discrete-time…

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Robust Analysis and Synthesis Design Tools for Digitally Controlled Power Converters

Mark Halton ;   Petar Iordanov ;   James Mooney

Tags robust control switch mode power supplies digital control component variation graphical user interface power conversion

when developing compensators for switched-mode power supplies (smps), models of the smps are generally used. quite often these compensators…

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Static and Dynamic Analysis of a 300W Series Connection Flyback Converter Applied to Photovoltaic Panels

D. López del Moral ;   A. Barrado ;   M. Sanz ;   H. Miniguano ;   C. Fernández ;   C. Raga ;   A. Lázaro

Tags Flyback Series connection photovoltaic dynamic efficiency model

In DC-DC converter-per-photovoltaic (PV) panel architectures, the converter must have high efficiency and low cost. Due to its simplicity, the…

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