A Novel Low Cost PV Micro-Inverters based on Analog Control and Interleaving Method

Elie M. Najm ;   Alex Q. Huang ;   Wensong Yu

Tags BCM Interleaving Flyback Analog Micro-Inverter Battery Charger Converter Low Cost ZVS Soft Switching Efficient

This paper proposes a novel simplified low cost analog implementation of a master/slave methodology resulting in an efficient soft-switched…

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A Novel Platform for an Accurate Modeling and Precise Control of Photovoltaic Modules with Maximum Operating Efficiency

Ahmed Shawky ;   Hamdy Radwan ;   Mohamed Orabi ;   Mohamed Z. Youssef

Tags Photovoltaic cells Modeling Adaptive control Cost Module structure

this paper presents a novel approach in the topic of the commercialization of the solar photovoltaic inverters. It results in a more efficient…

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A Phase Shift Controlled Current-Fed Quasi-Switched-Capacitor Isolated DC/DC Converter with GaN HEMTs for Photovoltaic Applications

Lixing Fu ;   Xuan Zhang ;   Feng Guo ;   Jin Wang

Tags Photovoltaic Current-Fed Quasi-Switched-Capacitor DC/DC

This paper proposes a phase-shift controlled isolated dc/dc converter, which is composed of a current-fed half bridge and a…

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An Optimized Efficiency-based Control Strategy for Islanded Paralleled PV Micro-Converters

Han-Dong Gui ;   Yue Zhang ;   Zhiliang Zhang ;   Yan-Fei Liu

Tags Photovoltaic(PV) Micro-Converter System efficiency Load distribution Parallel

This paper analyzes the operation of PV modules in islanded paralleled PV applications under different solar irradiance condition. When the…

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Design of a LCL Filter for Leakage Current Reduction in Transformerless PV Grid-Connected Three-Level Inverter

Julian C. Giacomini ;   Leandro Michels ;   Luciano Schuch ;   Humberto Pinheiro ;   Cassiano Rech

Tags Photovoltaic Leakage current Tranformerless LCL filter

This paper presents a new methodology to design a passive damped LCL filter for a transformerless three-level photovoltaic grid-connected…

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GaN HEMT based 250W CCM Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter

James W. McLamara ;   Alex Q. Huang

Tags GaN HEMT PV Micro-Inverter Flyback

Design and experimental results of a 250W CCM photo-voltaic micro-inverter utilizing commercially available enhancement-mode GaN HEMTs. The…

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Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis for a Grid-Connected NPC Inverter with Unity Power Factor

Ui-Min Choi ;   Frede Blaabjerg ;   June-Seok Lee ;   Kyo-Beum Lee

Tags Fault detection Fault tolerant control Reliability Multilevel inverter

This paper presents an open-circuit fault detection method for a grid-connected Neutral-Point Clamped (NPC) inverter. The open-circuit fault…

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PV Panel Power Optimization using Sub-Panel MPPT

Edgar Marti-Arbona ;   Debashis Mandal ;   Bertan Bakkaloglu ;   Sayfe Kiaei

Tags Maximum power point trackers Photovoltaic systems Solar power generation Solar system

Photo-voltaic systems are affected by converter losses, partial shading and other mismatches in the panels. This paper presents a sub-panel…

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Simple Instantaneous Power Modulation Scheme for Single-Phase High-Frequency Link Microinverter for Low-Power PV Applications

Alejandro Aganza-Torres ;   VĂ­ctor Cardenas ;   Mario Pacas

Tags PV microinverter HF-link low-power DSC

This paper presents a single-phase HF-link microinverter for low-power PV applications with a simple instantaneous power modulation scheme;…

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