A Stacked Common Mode Inductor with Small External Magnetic Field Susceptibility, Low Magnetic Field Emission and High Differential Mode Inductance

Yongbin Chu ;   Shuo Wang ;   Ning Zhang ;   Dianbo Fu

Tags Common mode inductors stacked inductor magnetic field near magnetic field coupling leakage inductance

This paper proposes a stacked common-mode (CM) inductor for electromagnetic interference (EMI) attenuation. The proposed stacked CM…

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A Tunable Common Mode Inductor with an Auxiliary Winding Network

Danting Xu ;   Wai Man Ng ;   Sitthisak Kiratipongvoot ;   Chi Kwan Lee ;   Bryan M.H. Pong

Tags Common mode inductor EMI

A tunable CM inductor with a small-space auxiliary winding is proposed. The auxiliary winding can be connected to a passive or active impedance…

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Design and Optimization of Small Inductors on Extra-Thin PCB for Flexible Cooking Surfaces

J. Serrano ;   I. Lope ;   J. Acero ;   J.M. Burdío ;   C. Carretero ;   R. Alonso

Tags Inductors Printed Circuits Litz Structure AC Losses Induction Heating

The following paper describes the design and optimization method for a small inductor in printed circuit board which is later used in the…

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Design Considerations for High-Efficiency Leakage Transformers

Jennifer D. Pollock ;   Charles R. Sullivan

Tags mgnetic components transformer design leakage inductance

This paper addresses the design of isolation transformers that integrate all required inductances into one magnetic structure for resonant…

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Design Methodology of Series DC Coupling Transformer in a Medium-Voltage DC Amplifier System

Richard Beddingfield ;   Ankan De ;   Hesam Mirzae ;   Subhashish Bhattacharya

Tags MV DC Amplifier Series Coupling Transformer Series Active Filter Optimal Magnetics Design

The medium-voltage dc amplifier is a controllable dc source for the purpose of testing medium-voltage dc system technologies for shipboard…

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Improving the Efficiency and Dynamics of 3D Integrated POL

Dongbin Hou ;   Yipeng Su ;   Qiang Li ;   Fred C. Lee

Tags POL Module 3D Integration Non-uniform Flux Inductor Optimization Light Load Core Loss

3-Dimensional integrated non-uniform flux inductor has shown good performance in achieving high power density and high efficiency in Point of…

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Investigation of Gallium Nitride Devices Benefits on LLC Resonant DC-DC Converter

Weimin Zhang ;   Yutian Cui ;   Fred Wang ;   Leon M. Tolbert ;   Benjamin J. Blalock ;   Daniel J. Costinett

Tags Transformer GaN LLC converter

This paper investigates the Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices benefits on the LLC resonant DC-DC converter. First, the relationship between the…

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Investigation, Development and Verification of Printed Circuit Board Embedded Air-Core Solenoid Transformers

Jakob D. Mønster ;   Mickey P. Madsen ;   Jeppe A. Pedersen ;   Arnold Knott

Tags Air-core VHF transformer PCB Resonant converter

A new PCB embedded air-core transformer is proposed and presented. The transformer is intended for use in power converter applications…

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Power Losses Calculations in Windings of Gapped Magnetic Components: The Extended 2-D Method

Fermín A. Holguin ;   Roberto Prieto ;   Rafael Asensi ;   José A. Cobos

Tags Magnetic components Gap Inductors Losses

A 2D equivalent analytical calculation method to estimate conductive losses in gapped magnetic components in a wide range of frequencies is…

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