A Modular Three Phase Power Factor Correction (PFC) Approach with Two Single Phase PFC Stages and an Electronic Phase Shifter

Mesaad Waleed Albader ;   Prasad Enjeti

Tags Power Factor Correction (PFC) Electronic Phase Shifter Indirect Three Phase PFC Power Density Modular Rectifier

In this paper a modular three phase PFC approach is presented. The proposed topology employs two single phase PFC stages that are…

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An Improved Active-Front-End Rectifier using Model Predictive Control

M. Parvez ;   S. Mekhilef ;   Nadia M.L. Tan ;   Hirofumi Akagi

Tags Model predictive control (MPC) stability analysis active front end (AFE) rectifier AC-DC power conversion energy storage system

This paper investigates an improved active front end (AFE) rectifier using model predictive control. The MPC algorithm utilizes the discrete…

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Analysis of a Three-Phase Flying Converter Cell Rectifier Operating in Light/No-Load Condition

M. Makoschitz ;   M. Hartmann ;   H. Ertl

Tags Three-Phase AC-DC Conversion Flying Converter Cell No-Load Condition

In this work the operation of the active rectifier circuit under no-load or light-load conditions is analyzed in detail considering also the…

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Design and Implementation of Interleaved Vienna Rectifier with Greater Than 99% Efficiency

Qiong Wang ;   Xuning Zhang ;   Rolando Burgos ;   Dushan Boroyevich ;   Adam White ;   Mustansir Kheraluwala

Tags Interleaved Vienna rectifier efficiency optimization converter design

In this paper, the design and hardware implementation towards a three-phase, 99% efficient 3 kW interleaved Vienna rectifier is presented. The…

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Design of Control System for Solid State Variable Capacitor with Minimum DC Capacitor

Runruo Chen ;   Yunting Liu ;   Petros Taskas ;   Fang Z. Peng

Tags solid state variable capacitor control power decoupling

A variable AC capacitor (with capacitance variable from 0 to Cac) can be implemented by an H-bridge and an additional phase leg connected to…

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Hardware Verification of a Hyper-Efficient (98%) and Super-Compact (2.2kW/dm^3) Isolated AC/DC Telecom Power Supply Module based on Multi-Cell Converter Approach

Matthias Kasper ;   Cheng-Wei Chen ;   Dominik Bortis ;   Johann W. Kolar ;   Gerald Deboy

Tags Multi-cell converter telecom power supply ISOP

Due to the increasing electricity demand of data centers driven by the emergence of cloud computing and big data, the focus on the…

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Implementation and Performance Comparison of Five DSP-based Control Methods for Three-Phase Six-Switch Boost PFC Rectifier

Laszlo Huber ;   Misha Kumar ;   Milan M. Jovanovi?

Tags three-phase six-switch boost PFC rectifier average-current control three independent controllers three-step PWM six-step PWM d-q control SVM

In this paper, a three-step PWM method for the average-current-controlled three-phase six-switch boost PFC rectifier is proposed. It is…

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Surge Voltage Suppression Methods for Three-Phase to Single-Phase Matrix Converter

Yoshiyuki Kadoshima ;   Kazuhiro Koiwa ;   Jun-Ichi Itoh ;   Francois Anne ;   Antoine Gerlaud ;   Junya Sasaki

Tags three-phase to single-phase matrix converter surge voltage suppression laminated bus bar simple AC snubber

This paper discusses surge voltage suppression methods in order to design a large capacity three-phase to single-phase matrix converter…

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Three-Phase Buck Type Rectifier Topology Integrated with Current Fed Full-Bridge

J.M. Molina ;   P. Alou ;   J.A. Oliver ;   M. Silva ;   J.A. Cobos

Tags AC/DC Three-phase rectifiers EMI Current Fed Full Bridge Buck type rectifier

A Novel Three-Phase Rectifier topology based on the integration of a Buck type Rectifier and a Current Fed Full-Bridge is proposed. The main…

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