A New Isolated Hybrid Boosting Converter

Bin Wu ;   Keyue Smedley

Tags IHBC isolation high gain bipolar voltage multiplier energy regenerative snubber

A new Isolated Hybrid Boosting Converter?IHBC?is proposed in this paper. It employs one active switch and a bipolar voltage multiplier…

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A Robust Low-RMS-Current Passive Auxiliary Circuit for ZVS Operation of Both Legs in Full Bridge Converters

Alireza Safaee ;   Praveen Jain ;   Alireza Bakhshai

Tags Full bridge converter zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) passive auxiliary circuit

A single passive and robust auxiliary circuit is proposed to maintain ZVS operation of both switch legs in full bridge converters. For the same…

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A Secondary-Side Phase-Shift-Controlled Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter Utilizing Two Transformers with Wide Voltage Gain for High Step-Down Applications

Hongfei Wu ;   Liqun Chen ;   Yan Xing ;   Peng Xu ;   Haibing Hu

Tags DC-DC Converter high step-up soft-switching phase-shift modulation

A soft-switching DC-DC converter with secondary-side phase-shift control strategy is proposed for applications requiring wide voltage range…

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An Improved Asymmetric Half-Bridge Converter with Zero DC Offset of Magnetizing Current

Shiladri Chakraborty ;   Souvik Chattopadhyay

Tags Asymmetric Half-Bridge Magnetizing Current ZVS

This paper proposes a simple asymmetric half-bridge converter structure, which operates without any DC offset of the transformer…

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Bidirectional Flyback Converter with Multiple Series Connected Outputs for High Voltage Capacitive Charge and Discharge Applications

Prasanth Thummala ;   Henrik Schneider ;   Zhe Zhang ;   Michael A.E. Andersen

Tags switch mode power supply dc-dc converters flyback high voltage actuator capacitive load

This paper evaluates two different implementations of a bidirectional flyback converter for driving a capacitive electro active actuator which…

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Dual Edge Tracking Control for Synchronous Rectification (SR) of LLC Resonant Converter

Hangseok Choi

Tags Synchronous rectifier LLC resonant converter

This paper presents a dual edge tracking predictive control method for synchronous rectifier (SR) of LLC resonant converter that…

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Novel Transformer-Flux-Balancing Control of Dual-Active-Bridge Bidirectional Converters

Yuri Panov ;   Milan M. Jovanovi? ;   Brian T. Irving

Tags Bidirectional dc-dc converter transformer flux-balancing control digital control

A novel flux-balancing method for the isolated dual-active-bridge (DAB) bidirectional converter based on direct control of the magnetizing…

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PLL based Bridge Synchronization as an Alternative to Digital Isolators for Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converters

Shahab Poshtkouhi ;   Aliakbar Eski ;   Olivier Trescases

Tags Dc-dc Converters dual active bridge PLL opto-isolators FPGA synchronization communication isolation.

A Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) based synchronization scheme is demonstrated to operate a bi-directional Dual-Active-Bridge (DAB) dc-dc…

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Soft Switching High Frequency AC-Link DC-DC Buck-Boost Converters

Tao Wang ;   Soumik Sen ;   Mahshid Amirabadi

Tags dc-dc converters ac link soft switching

This paper proposes two novel dc-dc converters that belong to a new class of power converters called parallel ac-link universal converters….

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