HACMAC: A Reliable Human ACtivity-Based Medium Access Control for Implantable Body Sensor Networks

Karuppiah Ramachandran, Vignesh Raja ;   Havinga, Paul J.M. ;   Meratnia, Nirvana

Tags Communications protocolsQuality of dataStandards

Chronic care is an eminent application of implantable body sensor networks (IBSN). Performing physical activities such as walking, running, and…

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Profiling, Modeling, and Predicting Energy Harvesting for Self-Powered Body Sensor Platforms

Fan, Dawei ;   Gong, Jiaqi ;   Lopez Ruiz, Luis Javier ;   Lach, John

Tags Energy harvestingMulti sensor data fusionHuman Models

Energy harvesting offers the promise of mobile sensor systems capable of quasi-perpetual operation, but the discontinuous and dynamic…

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Towards a Comprehensive Power Consumption Model for Wireless Sensor Nodes

Hesse, Marc ;   Adams, Michael ;   Hörmann, Timm ;   Rückert, Ulrich

Tags Computational toolsCommunications protocolsEnergy harvesting

Energy efficiency is the most outstanding design criterion for wireless sensor nodes and especially wireless body sensors. Because a detailed…

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Towards an Open Data Framework for Body Sensor Networks Supporting Bluetooth Low Energy

Singh, Ninoshka ;   Ricke, Darrell

Tags StandardsCommunications protocolsNetwork topologies

Major companies, healthcare professionals, the military, and other scientists and innovators are now sensing that fitness and health data…

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