A Comparison of Algorithms Estimating Distance Covered on Foot by Soldiers Over Graded Terrain

Veenstra, Bertil Jurgen ;   Delves, Simon ;   Buller, Mark ;   Wyss, Thomas ;   Roos, Lilian ;   Beeler, Nadja

Tags Gait Analysis

Through NATO Panel HFM-260 a collaborative study was established between Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States of America and the…

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A Framework for Probabilistic Segmentation of Continuous Sensor Signals

Kalantarian, Haik ;   Sideris, Costas ;   Le, Tuan ;   King, Christine E. ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Computational toolsFeature discoveryMinimally Invasive Sensors

Among the major challenges in the realization of practical health monitoring systems is the identification of short-duration events from…

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A Multimodal Sensor System for Automated Marmoset Behavioral Analysis

Brattain, Laura ;   Landman, Rogier of ;   Johnson, Kerry A. ;   Chwalek, Patrick ;   Hyman, Julia Bentley ;   Sharma, Jitendra ;   jennings, charles ;   desimone, robert ;   Feng, Guoping ;   Quatieri, Thomas

Tags Animal behaviorMulti sensor data fusionFeature discovery

The common marmoset is emerging as an important transgenic model for improving the understanding of the underlying neurological basis of…

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A Novel Approach to Detect Localized Muscle Fatigue During Isometric Exercises


Tags Fatigue and Injury RiskHealth Assessment

The purpose of this study is to develop a localized muscle fatigue detection system to assist patients during isometric exercise. A mobile…

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A Sensor Cluster to Monitor Body Kinematics

Paladugu, Pragna ;   Hernandez, Alejandra ;   Gross, Karlie ;   su, yi ;   Neseli, Ahmet ;   gombatto, sara ;   Moon, Kee ;   Ozturk, Yusuf

Tags Minimally Invasive SensorsMulti sensor data fusionHealth Assessment

Several different factors have been proposed to contribute to the development of chronic low back pain (LBP). Specifically, researchers and…

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A Software Assistant for User-Centric Calibration of a Wireless Body Sensor

Hörmann, Timm ;   Hesse, Marc ;   Adams, Michael ;   Rückert, Ulrich

Tags Automated advice and feedbackSelf management and quality of life

Body sensors have a promising contribution to health promotion in many areas of daily life (telemedicine, corporate health care or…

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A Vocal Modulation Model with Application to Predicting Depression Severity

Horwitz-Martin, Rachelle ;   Quatieri, Thomas ;   Godoy, Elizabeth ;   Williamson, James

Tags Feature discoveryDepression

Speech provides a potential simple and noninvasive ?on-body? means to identify and monitor neurological diseases. Here we develop a model for…

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A Wearable Sensing System for Timing Analysis in Tennis

Büthe, Lars ;   Blanke, Ulf ;   Capkevics, Haralds ;   Troster, Gerhard

Tags ElectrotextilesMinimally Invasive SensorsGait Analysis

Wearables find in sports one of their main applications. In recent years, many wearable devices have been commercially released such as the…

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A Wearable Wireless Sensor for Cardiac Monitoring

Khan, Jamal Ahmad ;   Pervaiz, Usama ;   Akbar, Haroon Ali ;   Hasan, Osman

Tags VigilanceHealth AssessmentSelf management and quality of life

This paper presents a low cost, low power and wireless wearable solution for real-time analysis and monitoring of cardiac activity co-related…

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An Alternating Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation Strategy Based on Sample Entropy for Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Hemiplegia

Bao, Xueliang ;   Bi, zhengyang ;   Wang, Haipeng ;   Zhou, Yuxuan ;   Lü, Xiaoying ;   Wang, Zhigong

Tags Gait Analysis

In this study, we present an alternating controlled functional electrical stimulation (FES) strategy for rehabilitation of lower extremity motor…

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Battery Runtime Optimization Toolbox for Wearable Biomedical Sensors

Tobola, Andreas ;   Leutheuser, Heike ;   Schmitz, Björn ;   Hofmann, Christian ;   Struck, Matthias ;   Weigand, Christian ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M ;   Fischer, Georg

Tags Energy harvestingElectrotextilesEveryday health status

Battery runtime is a critical concern for practical usage of wearable biomedical sensor systems. A long runtime requires an interdisciplinary…

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Beat-To-Beat Ambulatory Blood Pressure Estimation Based on Random Forest

He, Rui ;   Huang, Zhipei ;   Ji, Lianying ;   Wu, Jiankang ;   Zhang, Zhiqiang

Tags Feature discoveryMulti sensor data fusion

Ambulatory blood pressure is critical in predicting some major cardiovascular events; therefore, cuff-less and noninvasive beat-to-beat…

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Bed Angle Detection in Hospital Room Using Microsoft Kinect V2

Liu, Liang ;   Mehrotra, Sanjay

Tags Environmental Exposures MonitoringMinimally Invasive SensorsHealth Assessment

This paper will focus on bed angle detection in hospital room automatically using the latest Kinect sensor. The developed system is an ideal…

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Bio-Signal Based Emotion Detection Device

Shinde, Nikhil ;   George, Kiran

Tags Telemedicine AssessmentParkinsons DiseaseMood

Emotion recognition can be used to improve the human-machine interaction. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of research going…

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Blind Source Separation and Artefact Cancellation for Single Channel Bioelectrical Signal

Zhang, Zhiqiang ;   Mandic, Danilo

Tags Computational toolsMulti sensor data fusionExtreme Performance and Limits of Performance

Bioelectrical signal analysis is gaining significant interests from both academics and industries due to its capability for improved diagnosis and…

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Brain-Controlled Driving Aid for Electric Wheelchairs

Shinde, Nikhil ;   George, Kiran

Tags Self management and quality of life

The Brain-computer interface (BCI) is an engaging field which could find applications in numerous fields like industrial, bio-medical and…

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Capacitive Detection of Filling Levels in a Cup

Kreutzer, Joachim Friedrich ;   Flaschberger, Jannai ;   Hein, Christina Marita ;   Lueth, Tim

Tags Hydration StatusEveryday health statusAutomated advice and feedback

This contribution presents a smart cup that uses a capacitive sensor to detect its filling level in order to monitor fluid intake over time….

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Capture and Analysis of Biomechanical Signals with Inertial and Magnetic Sensors as Support in Physical Rehabilitation Processes

Callejas-Cuervo, Mauro ;   Alvarez, Juan Carlos ;   Álvarez Prieto, Diego

Tags Multi sensor data fusionMinimally Invasive SensorsVigilance

A tool used to capture biomechanical signals from the upper limb is presented here. The methods used for data acquisition, signal fusion and…

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Classifying Mental Gestures with In-Ear EEG

Merrill, Nick ;   Curran, Max ;   Yang, Jong-kai ;   Chuang, John

Tags Minimally Invasive Sensors

While brain-computer interfaces (BCI) based on electroencephalography (EEG) have improved dramatically over the past five years, their…

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Comparison of Three Different Physiological Wristband Sensor Systems and Their Applicability for Resilience and Work Load Monitoring

Binsch, Olaf ;   Wabeke, Thymen ;   Valk, Pierre

Tags Quality of dataMinimally Invasive Sensors

Abstract? Leveraging miniaturized sensor and monitoring technology integrated in easy-to-wear wristband wearables represents a great…

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Deep Learning for Human Activity Recognition: A Resource Efficient Implementation on Low-Power Devices

Ravi, Daniele ;   Wong, Charence ;   Lo, Benny ;   Yang, Guang-Zhong

Tags Feature discoveryHuman ModelsMulti sensor data fusion

Human Activity Recognition provides valuable contextual information for wellbeing, healthcare, and sport applications. Over the past decades,…

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Determining Physiological Significance of Inertial Gait Features in Multiple Sclerosis

Dandu, Sriram Raju ;   Engelhard, Matthew ;   Goldman, Myla D. ;   Lach, John

Tags Gait AnalysisFatigue and Injury RiskHealth Assessment

Gait impairment in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can result from imbalance, physical fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms. Walking speed is the…

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Different Regressors for Linear Modelling of ElectroEncephaloGraphic Recordings in Visual and Auditory Tasks

Mugruza Vassallo, Carlos Andrés

Tags Multi sensor data fusionQuality of dataComputational tools

The use of hierarchical linear modelling has been increasing in the last 5 years to analyze EEG data. Until now, no clear comparison on linear…

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ECG Compression for Mobile Sensor Platforms

Ding, Yi ;   Zeljko, Zilic

Tags Quality of dataHealth AssessmentEveryday health status

This paper presents a low-complexity compression scheme of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals based on the Haar wavelet transform (HWT) for…

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ECG Feature Detection Using Randomly Compressed Samples for Stable HRV Analysis Over Low Rate Links

Gao, Ju ;   Teng, Diyan ;   Ertin, Emre

Tags Computational toolsFeature discoveryTelemedicine Assessment

Wireless biosensors enable continuous monitoring of physiology and can provide early signs of imminent problems allowing for quick intervention…

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Edemeter: Wearable and Continuous Fluid Retention Monitoring

Resendiz, Alex ;   Odicho, Dani ;   Gabrielian, Victor ;   Nahapetian, Ani

Tags Self management and quality of lifeHealth AssessmentVigilance

Fluid retention, known medically as edema, is caused by the retention of fluid in the soft tissue of the lower extremities. This is most…

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Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Patient Monitoring in Body Sensor Networks

Rajagopalan, Ramesh

Tags Network topologies

Wireless body sensor networks are widely used for monitoring individuals in assisted living facilities and has emerged as a promising technology…

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Footstep Energy Harvesting Using Heel Strike-Induced Airflow for Human Activity Sensing

Fu, Hailing ;   Cao, Kun ;   Xu, Ruize ;   Bhouri, Mohamed Aziz ;   Martinez-Botas, Ricardo F ;   Kim, Sang-Gook ;   Yeatman, Eric M

Tags Energy harvestingAutomated advice and feedback

Body sensor networks are increasingly popular in healthcare, sports, military and security. However, the power supply from conventional…

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Gait Velocity Estimation for a Smartwatch Platform Using Kalman Filter Peak Recovery

Nemati, Ebrahim ;   Suh, Young Soo ;   Moatamed, Babak ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Gait AnalysisEveryday health statusHuman Models

A gait velocity estimation algorithm using the inertial sensors of a smartwatch is proposed. The peaks of accelerometer and gyroscope norms…

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Hand Smoothness in Laparoscopic Surgery Correlates to Psychomotor Skills in Virtual Reality

Mohamadipanah, Hossein ;   Parthiban, Chembian ;   Law, Katherine ;   Nathwani, Jay ;   Maulson, Lakita ;   DiMarco, Shannon ;   Pugh, Carla

Tags Minimally Invasive SensorsAutomated advice and feedback

The main purpose of this study is to find possible relationships between the smoothness of hand function during laparoscopic ventral hernia…

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Hands Free Mouse

Castillo, Aaron ;   Cortez, Graciela ;   Diaz, David ;   Espiritu, Rayton Steven ;   Ilisastigui, Krystle ;   obard, bryce ;   George, Kiran

Tags Self management and quality of lifeMinimally Invasive SensorsCommunications protocols

The headset mouse is an assistive technology created for individuals with limited to no mobility in their arms. Specifically, this device was…

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Heart Rate Sensors Acceptability: Data Reliability vs. Ease of Use


Tags Health AssessmentSelf management and quality of lifeDiabetes

In the present study we focused on heart rate sensors and compared the acceptability and usability of the various devices candidates to…

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HIPAA Compliant Wireless Sensing Smartwatch Application for the Self-Management of Pediatric Asthma

Hosseini, Anahita ;   Buonocore, Chris M. ;   Hashemzadeh, Sepideh ;   Hojaiji, Hannaneh ;   Kalantarian, Haik ;   Sideris, Costas ;   Bui, Alex ;   King, Christine E. ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Self management and quality of lifeEnvironmental Exposures MonitoringData security

Asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease among pediatrics, as it is the leading cause of student absenteeism and hospitalization for…

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Identification of Isolated Biomechanical Parameters with a Wireless Body Sensor Network

Misgeld, Berno ;   Lueken, Markus ;   Leonhardt, Steffen

Tags Human ModelsMulti sensor data fusionGait Analysis

The accurate, real-time estimation of biomechanical joint parameters bears a potential benefit for many applications. Examples include the…

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Identifying Usage Anomalies For ECG-Based Sensor Nodes

Chen, Lei ;   Bate, Iain

Tags Quality of dataFeature discoveryAutomated advice and feedback

Body Sensor Networks (BSNs) are being used across a wider range of applications including healthcare ones where sensors may be attached to…

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Investigating the Feasibility of Multiple UWB Transmitters in Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Applications

PATEL, RUTUL ;   Sarkar, Mahasweta ;   Nagaraj, Santosh ;   Patel, Pragnesh

Tags Multi sensor data fusionQuality of dataMinimally Invasive Sensors

In the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), radio propagations from devices that are near or inside the human body are composite and unique…

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Investigation of Motion Artifacts for Biopotential Measurement in Wearable Devices

Li, Xian ;   Huang, Hui ;   Sun, Ye

Tags Minimally Invasive Sensors

The goal of this study is to investigate the two major reasons of motion artifacts, impedance variation and triboelectric charge accumulation….

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Longitudinal Estimation of Gait Time Series Density in Multiple Sclerosis Subjects Using Out-Of-Clinic Inertial Data

Qureshi, Asma ;   Brandt-Pearce, Maite ;   Goldman, Myla D.

Tags Gait AnalysisFeature discoveryEveryday health status

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disorder that disrupts the communication within the brain, and between the brain and body. MS…

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Low-Cost Indoor Health Monitoring System

Moatamed, Babak ;   Arjun, Arjun ;   Shahmohammadi, Farhad ;   Ramezani, Ramin ;   Naeim, Arash ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Health AssessmentSelf management and quality of lifeMinimally Invasive Sensors

The advent of smart infrastructure or Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled scenarios in which objects with unique identifiers can…

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Non-Invasive Biomedical Patch Sensor to Measure Intracranial Pressure

Griffith, Jacob ;   Wakim, Andre’ ;   Moore-Jansen, Peer ;   Cluff, Kim

Tags Minimally Invasive SensorsHealth Assessment

This study was focused on the development of a non-invasive mobile skin sensor for measuring intracranial pressure (ICP). Current techniques…

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Online Segmentation with Multi-Layer SVM for Knee Osteoarthritis Rehabilitation Monitoring

Chen, Hsieh-Ping ;   Chen, Hsieh-Chung ;   Liu, Kai-Chun ;   Chan, Chia-Tai

Tags Computational toolsMulti sensor data fusionMinimally Invasive Sensors

Rehabilitation exercise is one of the most important parts in knee osteoarthritis therapy. A good rehabilitation monitoring method provides…

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Probabilistic Sensor Network Design

Bergmann, Jeroen ;   Noble, J Alison ;   Thompson, Mark

Tags Network topologiesComputational toolsQuality of data

Sensor networks are designed to detect events and their applicability is dependent on the likelihood of a correct detection. A network that…

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Quantification of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Using the IPANEMA Body Sensor Network

Lueken, Markus ;   Penzlin, Bernhard ;   Leonhardt, Steffen ;   Misgeld, Berno

Tags Health AssessmentMulti sensor data fusionEveryday health status

In clinical practice the determination of the heart rate variability (HRV) has become a common measure to investigate the parasympathetic…

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Quantitative Analysis of Spine Angle Range of Individuals with Low Back Pain Performing Dynamic Exercises

Peng, Fei ;   Li, Huihui ;   Ivanov, Kamen ;   Guoru, Zhao ;   Zhou, Fang ;   Du, Wenjing ;   Wang, Lei

Tags Health AssessmentExtreme Performance and Limits of Performance

The aim of this study was to analyse quantitatively spine angle changes of subjects suffering from low back pain (LBP) during dynamic…

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The Validation of the US Army Estimated Core Temperature Algorithm During a 35 km Swiss Army March in the Cold

Delves, Simon ;   Wyss, Thomas ;   Roos, Lilian ;   Beeler, Nadja ;   Veenstra, Bertil Jurgen ;   Buller, Mark

Tags Fatigue and Injury Risk

Core body temperature (Tcore) is a critical measure that is a necessary component to assess therma strain and prevent heat injury….

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Tracking the Behavior of UWB Transmissions in Invasive BCI Applications

Patel, Pragnesh ;   Sarkar, Mahasweta ;   Nagaraj, Santosh

Tags Minimally Invasive SensorsQuality of dataStandards

Ultra wideband (UWB) radio technology has been shown to have tremendous potential to support certain Brain Computer Interface (BCI)…

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Unobtrusive Real-Time Heart Rate Variability Analysis for the Detection of Orthostatic Dysregulation

Richer, Robert ;   Groh, Benjamin H. ;   Blank, Peter ;   Dorschky, Eva ;   Martindale, Christine ;   Klucken, Jochen ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Health AssessmentAutomated advice and feedbackParkinsons Disease

The possibilities for wearable health care technology to improve the quality of life for chronic disease patients has been increasing within…

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Validity of Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitors for the Physiological Assessment of Swiss Army Recruits

Buller, Mark ;   Bitterle, Jacqueline ;   Delves, Simon ;   Veenstra, Bertil Jurgen ;   Roos, Lilian ;   Beeler, Nadja ;   Wyss, Thomas

Tags Extreme Performance and Limits of Performance

Heart rate (HR) is an informative physiological measure that has long been utilized to assess work rate, energy expenditure, and fitness….

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Wearable Body and Wireless Inertial Sensors for Machine Learning Classification of Gait for People with Friedreich?s Ataxia

LeMoyne, Robert ;   Heerinckx, Frederic ;   Aranca, Tanya ;   De Jager, Robert ;   Zesiewicz, Theresa ;   Saal, Harry J.

Tags Health AssessmentFeature discoveryMinimally Invasive Sensors

The integration of wearable and wireless inertial body sensors with machine learning offers the capacity to diagnose neurological disorders…

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Wearable Trick Classification in Freestyle Snowboarding

Groh, Benjamin H. ;   Fleckenstein, Martin ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Feature discoveryMulti sensor data fusionComputational tools

Digital motion analysis in freestyle snowboarding requires a stable trick detection and accurate classification. Freestyle snowboarding contains…

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Wireless Wearable Self-Calibrated Sensor for Perfusion Assessment of Myocutaneous Tissue

Berthelot, Melissa Estelle ;   Chen, Ching-Mei ;   Yang, Guang-Zhong ;   Lo, Benny

Tags Minimally Invasive SensorsHealth AssessmentAutomated advice and feedback

Blood flow and perfusion monitoring are critical appraisal to ensure survival of tissue flap after reconstructive surgery. Many techniques…

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